Assad regime’s election protested in Syria

An illustration was held in opposition to the so-called presidential election, which was organized by the Assad regime in Syria and have become the main target of reactions.

Those that had been forcibly displaced by the regime’s assaults and took refuge in Idlib and the individuals in the Operation Euphrates Protect (FKH) area reacted to the election.

Within the metropolis heart of Idlib, in Bab and Aleppo’s Azez district in the OFC area, which Turkey has cleared of terrorists, the individuals got here collectively to protest the so-called “theatre” elections, and anti-election slogans had been shouted.


Physician Yasser Kinash, who participated in the demonstrations in Idlib, mentioned that they didn’t settle for the alternatives made by the regime that destroyed their nation.

Kinash, “We don’t settle for the selection made by a tyrant who destroyed this nation, killed youngsters, compelled individuals emigrate by displacing them.” mentioned.

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Stressing that the Syrian revolution won’t finish till the regime falls, Kinash mentioned, “The demonstrations are a sign that the Syrian revolution continues. Our revolution continues because it was firstly, in probably the most thrilling and honorable manner.” used the phrases.

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Muvafak Hussein is “We have now gathered to announce to the entire world that we don’t settle for the elections organized by Assad. We reject the system that killed us and displaced us.” he mentioned.


Halid Husum acknowledged that the so-called election organized by the regime was one-sided.

awe, “We don’t settle for the so-called presidential elections of Assad, who’s the henchman of Iran and Russia. This can be a one-sided election. It isn’t an election that covers all of Syria.” he mentioned.

Nuri Muhammed additionally mentioned that they rejected the so-called elections that had been “not in a democratic surroundings and didn’t cowl the entire of Syria”.

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Assad regimeThe ostensible elections, which the United Nations seeks legitimacy for, additionally disregard the resolutions of the United Nations Safety Council (UNSC). The agenda and highway map of the talks, which is known as the “Geneva course of”, was decided in the decision numbered 2254, adopted by the UNSC in December 2015.

Accordingly, it’s envisaged to determine a transitional administration, remake the structure and maintain elections. Nevertheless, whereas the regime doesn’t settle for the institution of a transitional administration, it has been stopping the Constitutional Committee from beginning its work for years.

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Russia and Iran, however, don’t need to exert affect over the regime, though they state that they help the work of the Committee.

The election of the Assad regime was protested in Syria #3

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