Antony Blinken: We don’t want to buy Greenland

Donald Trump, in his assertion through the US Presidency, introduced that they wished to buy Greenland, the place there are wealthy underground reserves.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinkenby making a press release on the problem that brought about the disaster with Denmark, acknowledged that they don’t want to buy Greenland, the autonomous area of the Kingdom of Denmark, which is the biggest island on this planet.


After visiting Iceland’s capital Reykjavik for the Arctic nations overseas ministers assembly, he went to Greenland. BlinkenRight here, he talked in regards to the new US President Joe Biden’s stance relating to Greenland, which then US President Donald Trump stated he wished to buy in 2019.


Blinkento a reporter, relating to the Biden administration’s allegations that it doesn’t want to buy this island, “I can verify that that is true.” gave the reply.

US Secretary of State Blinkenadditionally elevating the problem of the re-establishment of a US consulate in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, stated that the Biden administration hopes to improve cooperation with the island in numerous fields, beginning with local weather change.

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Greenland, which is an autonomous area of Denmark within the Arctic, is generally lined with ice, aside from a small coastal half within the south and west.

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“Inexperienced Nation” Greenland, which suggests Greenland, has 2 million 166 thousand sq. kilometers, about 3 occasions the floor space of ​​Turkey, and roughly 57 thousand individuals dwell on the island.

Greenland, which gained autonomy from Denmark in 1979, continues to be depending on Denmark in overseas affairs, safety and monetary issues and is represented by 2 parliamentarians within the 179-seat Danish Parliament Folketing.

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Danish Overseas Minister Pele Broberg stated on Wednesday that there was hypothesis about Greenland due to its strategic significance, however that Blinken’s go to was “actual property deal” He stated it wasn’t seen.

Broberg, “An actual property deal means land with nothing on it, nobody on it. Minister Blinken has made it clear that it is right here in Greenland for individuals residing within the Arctic.” had used the phrases.

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As well as to gold and treasured stones, particularly uranium, Greenland additionally has oil and fuel reserves.

In 2019, then-US President Donald Trump acknowledged that they wished to buy Greenland, and the problem brought about a short-term diplomatic disaster between Denmark and the USA.

Due to diplomatic tensions, Trump canceled his official journey to Denmark.

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