Antony Blinken explains US foreign policy

After Joe Biden was elected as the brand new President of the USA, adjustments had been made in foreign policy within the nation.


Asserting the brand new policy, Foreign Minister Blinken stated, “The USA will not try to resort to navy coups in numerous nations. We are going to prioritize democracy. We’ve tried these techniques prior to now. Though they had been well-intentioned, they didn’t work.” stated.

Antony Blinken explains US foreign policy #1

Different matters coated by Blinken had been listed as follows;

It will likely be totally different from the Obama period

US management will return

• Diplomacy and cooperation will enhance

•Democracy is in peril

• Relations with allies will probably be improved

• LGBTQ rights will probably be protected

Combating local weather change

The hazard of Russia and China

• Sustaining management in expertise

•Ladies’s rights must be protected

•Human rights must be supported

Antony Blinken explains US foreign policy #2

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