Another Mystery of the Egyptian Pyramids Maybe Solved

According to new research, another mystery of the pyramids may have been solved.
The Pyramid of Giza özgü confused researchers for centuries. Not only with their mysterious and hidden rooms, but also how the ancient Egyptians built these impressive structures without çağdaş technology was a matter of curiosity. The most confusing aspect is that it is almost perfectly aligned.

Although somewhat disproportionate, the center of the 138.8-meter Magnificent Pyramid of Giza’s square edges is quite smooth and perfectly aligned to show the main directions. Glen Dash, an archaeologist and engineer, says in his new work in The Journal of Ancient Egyptian Architecture, the pyramid builders aligned the main directions in an enormous way.

“All three pyramids exhibit the same kind of error: turned slightly counterclockwise from the main directions,” says Dash of the three pyramids, two at Giza and one at Dahshur. Although many hypotheses have been put forward such as using the polar yıldız or the shadow of the Sun to explain this, none of them could fully explain it.

In 2018, Dash came up with a much simpler idea than these hypotheses. His research revealed that the Ancient Egyptians used the autumn equinox to achieve magnificent alignment about 4,500 years ago.

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According to the study by Dash, the Egyptians may have used the method called sundial miles. To verify this, Dash did his own study of the sundial mile at the autumn equinox of 2016. In his research he published, he said that the architect who built the pyramids may have correctly caught the east-west alignment using this method at the equinox.

While this experiment was conducted in Connecticut, USA, Dash says this method will work in Egypt as well. Although there is no concrete evidence that the directions of the pyramids were precisely determined by this method, Dash’s approach is one step closer to explaining.


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