All about safe travel and vacation during pregnancy

Affiliate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Dr. Lebriz Hale Aktun talked about safe travel methods for expectant moms.

In case your pregnancy is okay and you are not at excessive danger, touring is normally okay. Nevertheless, it’s possible you’ll must seek the advice of your physician earlier than making particular plans and shopping for tickets, and it’s possible you’ll must endure a health care provider’s examination earlier than touring. Stating that expectant moms are fearful about travel, Assoc. Dr. Lebriz Hale Aktün gave info about how you can plan journeys in response to the method of pregnancy and climate circumstances.

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Speaking about the dangers of touring during pregnancy and the precautions that may be taken, Aktün gave the next statements in his written assertion; “The largest danger when touring during pregnancy is when you’re away from specialists who know your medical and pregnancy historical past. It is best to take the examinations, take a look at outcomes and ultrasound photos with you. Earlier than you travel, ask your physician for an inventory of medicines that could be wanted and that you could safely use during pregnancy, and ensure you have them with you. It will be helpful so that you can analysis and know the hospital, well being circumstances, and particularly the well being providers supplied during your journeys overseas, which may intervene in emergency conditions the place you go.”


Noting that one of the best time to travel during pregnancy is between the 14th and twenty eighth weeks, Assoc. Dr. Actun, “During this era, morning illness has been left behind, sleepiness has disappeared, the potential for miscarriage has decreased, and pregnancy has now change into pleasant as it is usually psychologically used to pregnancy. For that reason, all circumstances are appropriate for touring, strolling and having fun with pregnancy during this era. When it comes to travel, the primary three months and the final two months are notably vital. For that reason, travel shouldn’t be really helpful, particularly during these durations. These with hemorrhagic pregnancy circumstances through which mattress relaxation is mostly really helpful during pregnancy and these susceptible to untimely start or miscarriage have a particular travel restriction. Touring to locations with contagious epidemics during the complete pregnancy is rarely really helpful.” he stated.

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Concerning the transportation route and autos to be chosen during pregnancy, Assoc. Dr. Actun, “There isn’t any restriction on the technique of travel during pregnancy, however the level to be thought of right here is to make sure your consolation all through the journey. It is best to select loose-fitting garments and comfy sneakers on your journey. Staying away from artificial garments with tight-fitting trousers may also shield you from fungal infections to some extent.” used the phrases.

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Reminding that one other subject that pregnant girls ought to take note of during the journey, Assoc. Dr. Actun, “Earlier than you begin your journey, ensure you do your rest room. Empty your bladder in any respect stopovers whether or not or not you urinate on lengthy street journeys. Holding your urine for a very long time can pave the way in which for urinary tract infections. stated.


Aktün stated that his consuming habits additionally modified during travels. “So watch out to not miss a meal. It’s helpful to take wholesome meals with you. Dehydration of the physique is a really dangerous situation for pregnancy. Take care to drink loads of fluids, particularly in summer season days, however it’s best to drink safe water that you’re positive of hygiene. gave recommendation.

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Aktun reported that sitting for a very long time whereas touring by automotive during pregnancy impacts the blood circulation within the legs and could cause swelling within the ft and ankles. Emphasizing the significance of accelerating blood circulation by taking a light-weight stroll each 1 and a half to 2 hours during lengthy journeys, Aktün stated, “You possibly can scale back the unfavourable results of sitting for a very long time by doing stretching and stretching actions whereas sitting whereas touring. It’s okay to drive whereas pregnant till the final months. Nevertheless, by the top of the month, driving can put your child in peril. If doable, do not be the one driving the automotive in the previous few months. It doesn’t matter what car it’s, it’s best to undoubtedly use a seat belt during your journeys. he stated.

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Assoc. Dr. Aktun continued his phrases as follows: “Nevertheless, it’s acknowledged that there could also be issues as a result of lower in oxygen at excessive altitudes in very small plane, since there are not any strain settings. Sitting in an uncomfortable place for a very long time during airplane journeys during pregnancy will increase the danger of ‘thrombosis/intravascular clot’ and varicose veins. Carrying particular compression socks during the flight helps the blood circulation in your legs and prevents the veins from swelling.”


Assoc. Dr. Lebriz Hale Aktun, “Within the absence of excessive danger elements resembling bleeding with pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension, a number of pregnancy or untimely start, air travel is extraordinarily safe till the thirty sixth week of pregnancy and will be accepted by airline corporations. Nevertheless, after the thirty sixth week of pregnancy, many airline corporations don’t settle for pregnant girls on their planes. The rationale for this isn’t the dangers that will come up for the mom or the infant, however as a result of the airline firm doesn’t wish to take dangers attributable to a doable start within the air. So as to not have any issues whereas boarding the airplane and even to not miss the flight, it could be acceptable to get a report out of your physician stating that ‘it’s okay to take a airplane experience’ and carry it with you during all of your flights. One of many continuously fearful and requested questions is whether or not the safety gates and detectors which are handed whereas getting into the airport are dangerous to the infant. Detectors on the entrance of airports are steel detectors and don’t work with X-rays. Subsequently, you’ll be able to safely cross by these doorways.” used the phrases.

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Mentioning the actions to be prevented during the vacation, Assoc. Dr. Aktun concluded his phrases as follows: “Sports activities resembling tennis, skating, driving a horse or biking, underwater diving, water snowboarding, snow-boarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, and paragliding should not acceptable during pregnancy as a result of trauma dangers they carry. In vacation resorts, it’s best to keep away from every kind of sports activities and bodily actions the place the dangers of falling and affect are excessive. Pregnancy basically is actually not a course of that utterly restricts travel and freedom. You possibly can get well your self with brief holidays for relaxation and enhance your vitality, offered that you just comply with sure guidelines. Having a excessive morale is extraordinarily vital on your pregnancy.”

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