Algerian activist jailed for insulting Prophet Muhammad

In response to the written assertion of the Algerian Union for the Protection of Human Rights, the Shiraka Courtroom awarded the Algerian political activist Emire Buravi, “Insulting the Prophet Muhammad and mocking the hadiths” He was sentenced to 2 years in jail within the case the place he was tried for his crimes.

Within the assertion, Buravi “insulting the President on social media platforms” It was famous that he was sentenced to 2 years in jail in one other lawsuit filed on the grounds of


On October 22, 2020, a bunch of Algerian attorneys introduced that they had been suing the political activist Emire Buravi for insulting the Prophet Muhammad and insulting spiritual values ​​in his posts on social media platforms.

The Algerian Courtroom dismissed a tutorial who had beforehand labored within the spiritual discipline in his posts on social media. “insulting Islam” He was sentenced to three years in jail and a fantastic of fifty thousand Dinars (roughly 400 USD) for the explanation.

Penalties for insulting the Prophet in ALGERIA

In response to felony legislation in Algeria, Hz. Insulting Muhammad or different prophets, mocking Islamic symbols verbally, in writing or by drawing, is punishable by 3 to five years in jail and a fantastic.

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