Advice of black pepper for constipation problem in Ramadan

Stating that individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), which is named reflux, continual constipation and intestinal laziness, could encounter well being issues throughout Ramadan, which was spent with much less bodily exercise in the course of the pandemic course of, IAU VM Medical Park Florya Hospital Gastroenterology Specialist Prof. Dr. Orhan Kürşat Poyrazoğlu warned. Noting that the dearth of meals and liquid consumption for about 15-16 hours highlights the difficulty of how consuming and consuming ought to be for those that work in the course of the day or spend time away from bodily exercise at house, Prof. Dr. Orhan Kürşat Poyrazoğlu, in individuals with reflux who’ve complaints reminiscent of heartburn, bitter water in the mouth, dangerous breath and constipated individuals who have the behavior of defecating twice every week; He stated that as a result of change in consuming patterns, the distinction in the quantity and content material of meals, and the time change between meals and sleep, some extra measures ought to be taken in order to proceed Ramadan in a more healthy manner.


Stating that fluid consumption can’t be made in the course of the day, it’s needed to satisfy the necessity for fluids by taking water and meals in the course of the non-fasting interval, Prof. Dr. Poyrazoğlu listed his strategies as follows: “Having soup in iftar is necessary each in phrases of saturation time and assembly fluid consumption aside from water. It will be clever to unfold fluid consumption from iftar to sahur. Since fluid wants could fluctuate from individual to individual, it’s essential to plan fluid consumption by taking note of bodily exercise. For instance, our work exercise that causes us to sweat or If it’s a sizzling setting, it’s helpful to take roughly 3-4 glasses of additional fluid.To fulfill the fluid-electrolyte want, moreover water, tea, soda, sherbet, ayran, compote and seasonal fruits could be consumed. “The vitality deficit consumed in the physique could be simply changed. Enough fluid consumption is essential for people who find themselves constipated. As a result of even a wholesome particular person can simply turn out to be constipated if not sufficient fluid is taken.”

Reminding that there are two primary meals as iftar and sahur throughout Ramadan, Prof. Dr. Orhan Kürşat Poyrazoğlu continued as follows, underlining that those that are in their each day enterprise life fall asleep proper after sahur, inflicting a rise in reflux signs: “On this respect, spreading two-thirds of the meal charge and calorie quantity to some hours, fairly than 15-20 minutes in the course of the iftar hour, can assist cut back reflux signs by permitting you to eat much less in sahur. Particularly in phrases of offering a sense of satiety and guaranteeing the sugar regulation in the course of the day, it could be useful for those that have complaints about constipation to take 5 grams of grampysyllium along with water at iftar and sahur. Carnivorous herb may have a optimistic impact on individuals with purposeful diarrhea.”

Black seed advice for constipation problem in Ramadan #2


Including to his phrases that consuming a bowl of compote with apricots and raisins each in iftar and sahur will contribute to each the regulation of blood sugar and the availability of ample fluid consumption. Dr. Orhan Kursat Poyrazoglu, “Particularly eggs could be most popular at sahur as it’s a wealthy supply of protein and creates a sense of satiety. Particularly these with constipation can profit from flaxseed by mixing a teaspoon of flaxseed with yogurt or salad.” stated.

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Noting that meals in conventional Mediterranean delicacies reminiscent of recent greens, fruits, olive oil and fish ought to be taken as a foundation throughout Ramadan, Prof. Dr. Poyrazoglu, “Mediterranean delicacies can have a optimistic impact on each constipation and reflux complaints. Nevertheless, holding the fats ratios in meals excessive or consuming tons of spices causes gastric emptying and leisure of the muscle between the abdomen and esophagus, inflicting reflux signs to be revealed simply. In an effort to each cut back the quantity of energy and stop reflux signs, it could be acceptable to keep away from fried and high-fat meals. The strategies to be chosen in the cooking of meals are an necessary choice in decreasing each the quantity of energy and complaints. Cooking immediately in the oven or boiling could be most popular.” used the phrases.

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