Advice for families to get their children vaccinated against the flu

Baby Well being and Illnesses Specialist Prof. Dr. Selami Süleymanoğlu warned about the widespread chilly, which is extra widespread this yr than final yr.

The coronavirus outbreak had drastically lowered flu instances final yr. There was a severe improve in colds and viral infections apart from Kovid-19 since August in our nation. Now we have had children who’ve been sick greater than as soon as, even 3-4 instances in the final two months, as we have now not been accustomed to for a very long time. Most of them will be attributable to any of the viruses that trigger the widespread chilly.

Baby Well being and Illnesses Specialist Prof., who mentioned that the undeniable fact that children are in additional contact with the opening of faculties additionally triggers the improve in flu instances. Dr. Selami Süleymanoğlu made necessary statements to the families.

Suggestion for families to get your children vaccinated against flu #1


Stating that children who haven’t been collectively for a very long time, share microbes after coming collectively, Prof. Dr. Süleymanoğlu acknowledged that the coronavirus has findings that mimic different infections.

prof. Dr. Suleymanoglu, “Signs differ relying on the kind of virus. There are those who begin with solely fever, there are those who go along with fever, vomiting and diarrhea. There are these with fever, nostril, runny, cough. That is an occasion that outcomes from the change of findings in accordance to the kind of virus that causes an epidemic. It isn’t very doable for us to distinguish these signs from the coronavirus as a result of the coronavirus can mimic many of those findings. Our sufferers, for whom we’d like laboratory help to differentiate, are in the majority.” he mentioned.

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Recommendation for families to get your children vaccinated against flu #2


Reminding that the flu is a illness that may trigger main epidemics in the world, Prof. Dr. Suleymanoglu, “Influenza, not like different viral infections, is each a preventable illness and a illness through which we have now a drug to deal with. Influenza is barely completely different from different colds and viral infections by way of its medical course and the issues it poses. So it deserves extra safety. He wants our help extra in his therapy and administration.” mentioned.

Stating that pure therapy shouldn’t be advisable as a result of it delays the major therapy, Prof. Dr. Suleymanoglu, “As with different viral infections, it’s vital to take supportive therapy, to take sufficient fluids, to take preventive measures to forestall the transmission of the illness, and to seek the advice of a physician in case of sickness.” used the phrases.

Recommendation for families to get your children vaccinated against flu #3


Recommending that the flu vaccine be made, Prof. Dr. Süleymanoğlu continued his phrases as follows: “The flu is a illness that deserves safety and there’s a vaccine. That is why we suggest getting vaccinated. There are some issues to watch out about. We all know that this illness exists and that it spreads in a short time. Inevitably, it nearly makes most of society sick. They’ve dependable and efficient vaccines that we have now been utilizing for a few years. This illness could be very problematic if it’s not protected and vaccinated. Though not as a lot as the coronavirus, it will probably lead to very severe penalties. Vaccination is advisable for all children over 6 months of age. Aware families are making requests for vaccinations. As a doctor, I think about it an obligation to suggest that each one children who come to me get flu vaccines.”

prof. Dr. Selami Süleymanoğlu acknowledged that children get sick 6 to 10 instances in a yr, “In 1 yr, children get sick on common 6 to 10 instances. Considered one of these ailments is attributable to the flu virus known as the influenza virus. The rest is outlined as the widespread chilly. Influenza virus could cause bronchial asthma, bronchialitis, otitis media, febrile diseases.” mentioned.

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