A young man living in Malatya made a piano with apricot keys.

Selim Ucun, a well being highschool graduate living with his household in Malatya, initially from the Baskil district of Elazig, developed an attention-grabbing software program as a consequence of his curiosity in expertise.

Selim Ucun produced a piano utilizing an Arduino microcontroller, a bread bood, resistor, cable and speaker.


Going past mediocrity, Ucun accomplished his undertaking on apricot, whose pH was near acid, and developed an digital piano with keys made of apricot. Combining the apricots distinctive to Baskil with the cables he has hooked up to the ends of the software program he has developed, Ucun can produce musical works with the piano he accomplished by offering conductivity. Stating that he obtained optimistic reactions from his surroundings, the young expertise stated that he plans to make a grand piano in the longer term.

Made a piano with keys from apricot


Stating that he has been in expertise from an early age, Uçun stated, On this undertaking, I truly used apricot, which is exclusive to Elazig Baskil, and I made a piano utilizing apricots. Each sound has a frequency vary. For instance, by looking the web for the frequency of the ‘Do’ sound, I discovered that it was ‘363’ and outlined it to an analog pin on the Arduino. Within the software program, whenever you set the frequency of 363 by matching A1 to the algorithm half and press the apricot, the algorithm first involves the ardunio. When a little little bit of conductivity goes there, the message to the controller is transmitted to the speaker. As a consequence, it determines which frequency is related to which apricot. As much as 8 notes, it sounds no matter frequency I outline in this be aware vary or no matter apricot we press.” stated.

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A young man living in Malatya made a piano with keys from apricot #1


Expressing that he obtained good reactions and that he goals to do higher works if help is given, Ucun stated, “With this undertaking, I each used the apricot of Elazig Baskil and introduced the apricot collectively with expertise. I hope I’ll attain higher and higher locations. With the help of each my household and buddies, we got here this far when it was printed on social media. I confirmed folks the apricot on a technological stage. I obtained very attention-grabbing feedback. There have been those that stated ‘Excellent’, ‘Tremendous’, ‘I hope you’ll come to extra stunning locations’ and ‘Tremendous’. {People} are actually shocked as a result of it’s one thing that’s not so uncommon and apricot has by no means been used. ” he stated.

A young man living in Malatya made a piano with apricot keys #2

A young man living in Malatya made a piano with keys from apricots #3

Young man living in Malatya made a piano with apricot keys #4

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