A woman in the USA gave birth on a plane

A woman in the USA boarded a plane from Salt Lake Metropolis to Hawaii.

After the plane took off, the woman went into labor. Luckily, the docs and nurses on board helped the woman give birth.

The 29-week-old child was born efficiently to the shock of the passengers.


Shoelaces had been used to chop the umbilical wire, and a good watch was used to observe the child’s coronary heart charge.

This story shortly went viral after the pleasure of birth on the plane was uploaded to the social media utility TikTok.

The woman who didn’t know she was pregnant gave birth on the plane VIDEO


Mom and shock child Raymond, who has an unforgettable birth story, was hospitalized as quickly as the plane landed in Hawaii.

The situation of the mom and child was reported to be good.

Ethan Magalei, the child’s father “miracle” She replied that she didn’t know that her husband was pregnant to the criticism of the mom’s getting on a pregnant plane.

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