A woman in Japan put her husband’s dead body in the living room

A mind-blowing incident occurred in the Japanese province of Aichi.

An unnamed 63-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of hiding the lifeless body of her deceased husband at house.

The woman, who stated in her assertion to the police that she discovered her husband dead one morning, admitted that she had left the lifeless body in the living room of the home.

The woman said that she left the lifeless body in the living room as a result of she thought it might not match in the coffin.


After the incident, which emerged when the couple’s daughters visited the home, no hint of harm was discovered in the husband who misplaced his life.

In keeping with the preliminary investigation, it was introduced that the husband was estimated to have died between February 27 and March 23.

A detailed investigation into the incident has been initiated.

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