A survey was conducted to evaluate the post-earthquake reconstruction process in Japan

NHK’s Institute for Broadcast Tradition Research, a public broadcaster in Japan, conducted a survey.

After the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, questions had been requested about the building works.

Certainly one of the questions requested was concerning the reconstruction actions of the Pacific coastal states hit by the tsunami in 2020.

In the examine, it was requested whether or not the reconstruction actions that began in the area after the catastrophe, which lined the months of November-December and lasted for five weeks, had been home.


In the northeastern Tohoku states, 3,600 folks over the age of 16 had been reached.

Inside the scope of the examine, the newest standing of the building works in the tenth 12 months of the earthquake was evaluated.

Greater than 2,300 of the 3,600 folks requested answered the query.


27 % of the members acknowledged that the progress in restructuring actions was low.

A 2 % majority acknowledged that no progress was made in the research.


After the infiltration of the nuclear energy plant in Fukushima, 53 % of the members famous that there was little progress in the purification of dangerous substances in the areas round the energy plant.

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12 % burdened that there was no progress.

Survey to assess post-earthquake rebuilding in Japan #2


College Reo Kimura evaluated the survey work.

Kimura mentioned building work is midway via, “{People}’s views on the situation want to be thought of.” mentioned.

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