A New Vaccine Under Study May Protect From Different Types Of Coronaviruses

Although the names of the vaccines we see in the media are different, they all target the virus called SARS-CoV-2, which is responsible for this pandemic. The new vaccine being studied can protect us from different types of coronaviruses, according to information.

We are mostly responsible for the pandemic we are in. SARS COV-2 Although we are familiar with the virus, there are more members of the coronavirus family than we think. of 6 members The virus that we experienced in this family formed is among those with severe symptoms. As the pandemic, which many people encountered for the first time with this virus, radically changed the way we live, vaccine problemConfused many people.

This worldwide crisis leaves such a mark that even after getting over It seems like it will leave people uneasy for another pandemic to come in the future.

New Vaccine May Protect Against Different Types of Viruses

Just at a time like this, Duke University’s Human Vaccine Institute that a research team is not only responsible for the virus that caused the current pandemic, but also not passed on to humans We learned that he is working on a new vaccine that can protect against many viruses. According to the information at the Institute research assistant, which includes viruses in the coronavirus family—including SARS-CoV-2, also known as SARS, and SARS-CoV-1, which was responsible for the 2003 outbreak—and more uninfected to humans against those developed a pancoronavirus vaccine that will protect people.

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Director of the institute Kevin Saunders He stated that he hopes the vaccine will end the pandemic completely and that they want to start vaccination within 18 months. It is also among the information given that the body reacts to this vaccine more than it does to the others, so it has not yet shown its effect as much as other vaccines.

Kevin Saunders

As for the experiment, the research assistant rhesus monkey vaccine, along with his experiment on including the worst various types of coronavirus and wandering on bats not yet transmitted to humans found that it was effective against other SARS-related viruses. Among these viruses Viruses emerging in England, Brazil and South Africa There is also. This experiment although no guarantee We can say that it is a sign that the vaccine can show the same effect on humans.

Pfizer Vaccine

According to the information given by the research assistant, the pancoronavirus vaccine, Pfizer and modernIt follows a different path. These two vaccines allow the body to attach and enter the cells of the coronavirus. pointed proteins it produces. This is to help the immune system neutralize those proteins. sending antibodies warns about. In this way, when the body encounters the real virus, it recognizes it and can fight the virus. pancoronavirus In the vaccine, things are a little different. In this vaccine, the spike protein we just talked about uses to get into cells. of the most important parts a small pieceis injected into the body.

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And the rationale behind this is Saunders,”If you can respond to the key point of the virus, you will prevent the virus from entering cells and multiplying‘ he tells.

Not everyone wants to be vaccinated and that some countries vaccinate people it will take years scientists believe that COVID-19 will never be completely He thinks it will never end. Also, according to Saunders, the virus’s impact on our planet. incredible spread local infections seem to be on the agenda for a long time because of it.

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