A New Useful Method Found for Nikola Tesla’s 100-Year-Old Invention

The “Tesla Valve” invented by Nikola Tesla 100 years ago is coming to light with new uses by today’s scientists.

Scientists have found a new method of use for the Tesla valve, which the famous inventor Nikola Tesla invented in 1916, according to a new article they published on May 17. Three professors from the Department of Applied Mathematical Sciences at New York University, in the article they published on May 17, announced that they developed a new way of use by looking at the valve, known as the “Tesla Valve”, which was invented by the famous inventor Nikola Tesla about 100 years ago and known as the “Tesla Valve”.

Tesla Valve, also known as Tesla Valve, is an invention that basically does not have any moving parts that allows liquids to flow in one direction and uses static energy. These valves, which were invented by Nikola Tesla in 1916 but could be patented in 1920, were very good and useful in theory, but they could not find much use in practice.

Working principle of Tesla valve

According to the published article, it is possible to transport fuel, water, oil and similar liquids and gases in the machines to other turbines with the help of vibrations created by the machine by using the Tesla valve. In the tests, the liquids in the Tesla valve were allowed to flow forward more easily, and the possibility of flowing backwards was greatly reduced.

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According to the tests carried out by scientists, Tesla valves can operate more effectively when exposed to high frequencies, and because they have no moving parts, they wear out much less over time. For these reasons, scientists state that these valves may replace conventional systems in the near future.

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