A mosque in France was closed for 6 months

Within the assertion made by the Gironde Governorate, the El Farouk Mosque in Pessac, “radical Islam” advocated and “predecessor” It was said that he was closed for 6 months on the grounds of spreading his ideology.


Within the assertion, it was alleged that the mosque referred to as for non-compliance with French legal guidelines, legitimized terrorist assaults, and preached the incitement of martyrdom. “radical Islam” It was claimed that the supporters got assist.

The French administration, which it accepted in August 2021 “separatist” It’s criticized by human rights defenders and non-governmental organizations on the grounds that it interferes with the lives of Muslims and marginalizes them.

In a report printed on March 2 in the nation, it was said that roughly 25 thousand mosques, colleges, associations and workplaces had been managed from February 2018 to January 2022, and 718 of them had been closed in the identical interval.

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