A forest fire broke out on the Italian island of Pantelleria

Europe continues to battle with forest fires in current days.

The final place the place the flames rose is Italy.

The island of Pantelleria, situated in the Mediterranean between the Italian island of Sicily and Tunisia, is preventing a fire that broke out in the afternoon.

Flames unfold extensively

In the information in the Italian press, it was said that the two fires in the scrub areas round the settlements named Gadir and Kamma in the north of the island unfold quickly over a large space with the impact of the sizzling air wind.

It has been said that a whole bunch of hectares of maquis space have been burned in the fire thus far, whereas firefighters are working nonstop to extinguish the fire.

with the darkening fire can’t be intervened from the air

It was famous that resulting from the sundown and darkness on the island, the firefighting planes couldn’t intervene from the air, and the intervention from the land proceeded with issue resulting from the harsh terrain circumstances and the small quantity of firefighters.

Residents and vacationers depart the island

It was said that some holidaymakers near the fire space had been evacuated from the space and vacationers had been making an attempt to flee from the island.

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It has been reported that the homes of some celebrities, particularly the homes of former Italian nationwide soccer participant Marco Tardelli and the well-known dressmaker Giorgio Armani, have been evacuated in Pantelleria, which is called the island the place well-known personalities trip.

In response to the information of AA; It was reported in the media that the flames approached Armani’s summer season home and the well-known dressmaker, who hosted just a few friends, needed to depart his home.

A forest fire broke out on the Italian island of Pantelleria #2

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