A company in Japan started to provide ‘overweight people rental service’

A company working in the plus measurement clothes trade in Japan started to provide ‘obese people rental’ service.

The company launched the service known as ‘Debucari’, which is a mixture of the phrases debu (obese) and kariru (rental) used in Japanese.

The company, which set out with the slogan ‘To achieve a weight of over 100 kilograms in Japan, requires talent’, made a press release stating that this service goals to destroy the bias that being obese has a destructive picture.

2,000 yen an hour

It was said that it’s doable to have an obese pal for two thousand yen (about 150 lira) per hour in return for the service supplied.

A company in Japan started to provide 'overweight people rental service' #1


The company promised residents ‘a pal who will play on the seesaw’, ‘a accomplice who will look weak in the picture’ and ‘an assistant who will accomplice with the ordered big pizza’, and urged people over 100 kilograms to be a part of their ranks.

Many rental choices are already extensively used in the nation, from pals to pretend relations, from middle-aged people to dinner companions.

A company in Japan started to provide ‘obese people rental service’ VIDEO

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