A child with autism is on camera, entering the luggage conveyor belt in the USA

A child with autism, who was on the shifting luggage conveyor belt at MSP Worldwide Airport in Minnesota, USA, scared the folks round.

Minnesota police acknowledged that the 9-year-old boy, who was on the tape, was happily unhurt.


In the incident, which was mirrored in the safety digital camera data, it was seen that the child who jumped on the tape entered the x-ray gadget. The child, who was strolling on the baggage belt for about 10 minutes, was saved when the airport personnel pressed the emergency button to cease the conveyor belt.

A child with autism entering the luggage conveyor belt in the USA is on digital camera VIDEO

Child with autism caught on camera in the USA entering the luggage conveyor #2

Child with autism on camera #3 entering luggage conveyor belt in USA

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