A black mark in the history of Greece: the Peloponnese massacre

The Turks residing in the Peloponnese have been massacred by the Greeks precisely 200 years in the past.

The Peloponnese is situated in the south of present-day Greece, in the Aegean Sea.

The Ottoman Empire conquered the Peloponnese in 1460 throughout the reign of Mehmet the Conqueror and added it to the nation’s territory.


Muslim Turkish households who settled in the peninsula after the conquest started to dwell along with the Greeks right here. By 1821, the Greeks needed to go away the Ottoman Empire and turn into impartial by revolting.

The insurrection led to the massacre of the Morea Turks earlier than the eyes of Europe. Historians say that greater than 90 thousand Muslims lived in the Peloponnese when the insurrection started.

Black mark in the history of Greece: Morea massacre #1


The town of Tripolice in the Peloponnese area was besieged by roughly 60 thousand Greeks for five months.

Nearly all of the almost 40 thousand Turks in Tripolice have been brutally murdered by the rebels.

DUE TO EUROPEAN’S SUPPORT, THE riot couldn’t be suppressed

Whereas the insurrection in 1821 lasted for about 10 years, England, France and Russia made diplomatic and army strikes in favor of the Greeks.

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The suppression of the insurrection by the Ottoman Empire grew to become unattainable as a consequence of the open assist of the Europeans to the rebels.

Ali Fuat Örenç, Lecturer in the Division of History at Istanbul College, relating to the incident that left a black mark in the history of Greece. “97 folks, together with the commanders and their households, have been taken hostage right here. The Greek rebels even dug up the Turkish cemetery, took out the bones of Muslims and burned them. Throughout the siege, the rebels killed Tripolice Kadi Halim Efendi, who had inspired the Turks to combat by giving effort, by pouring oil on him and burning him.” shared his data.

Black mark in the history of Greece: Morea massacre #2


American author McCarthy, in his ebook “Dying and Exile”, emphasizes that there’s a normal coverage of extermination in the direction of Muslims in the Peloponnese.

McCarthy, on the Tripolice massacre, “Even the girls and kids have been tortured earlier than they have been killed.” makes use of the phrase.

Historian Nicolae Iorga additionally described Greek brutality, “There was nothing left of the metropolis of Tripoli, however solely a smoking break. The rebels plundered the metropolis of Tripolice, leaving nothing. A lot in order that Manya Bey, who participated in the massacre, may solely carry his share of the loot with 20 mules and a pair of camels.” conveys the kind.

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It’s famous that in the interval of Turkish domination in the Peloponnese, nobody was handled in keeping with their faith or race.

Black mark in the history of Greece: Morea massacre #3


David Howarth, who has a piece on the insurrection in Mora, states that in two days, not a single residing factor remained in the metropolis the place tens of hundreds of Turks lived.

Howarth, on the massacre of the Turks, “The quantity of foreigners residing in Greece was too few to depend with fingers. That is why European international locations did not know what was happening in Greece. Since the stories despatched out of Greece have been ready by the enlightened romantics residing in Athens who didn’t take part in the battle, they have been written in accordance with the beliefs of the Greeks.” says.


English author William St Clair das his atrocities in the Peloponnese “They have been destroyed with out the world realizing. Greater than 20,000 Turkish males, girls and kids have been slaughtered throughout a number of weeks of slaughter. They have been killed intentionally and with out regret.” explains in his personal phrases.

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