8 Scientific Facts About the World You Probably Didn’t Know

8 Scientific Facts About the World You Probably Didn’t Know

How closely do you know the world where you sleep and wake up every day, where all the historical information you read is lived on? What if we told you that a day is not exactly 24 hours a day, but the Earth is getting slower and slower? Let’s take a closer look at 8 small details that can be swallowed like pills.
Earth özgü been orbiting its own yıldız for the past 4.7 billion years as one of the oldest planets in the Solar System. Life on it özgü existed for only 150 to 250 million years, according to findings to date. Before that, Earth was a desolate and hot planet.

It took millions of years for the living conditions to emerge. Human beings have been living on it for only about 350 thousand years. From this perspective, we can say that we are still like an alien race on vacation on the planet. Today we have compiled 8 pieces of information that will make you even more alien to the world, let’s take a look together.

Earth’s mass is equivalent to about 55 quintillion adult blue whales:

The daily movement of our planet is not completed in exactly 24 hours:

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In fact, a daily cycle is completed in 23 hours 56 minutes 4 seconds. Increasing 3 minutes 56 seconds time frame causes us to live 366 days every 4 years. We call it February 29th.

97% of the water in the world is salty and 3% sweet. At the same time, about two-thirds of fresh water are found frozen in glaciers. In other words, about 1% of the water in our planet is potable:

The thickest layer on Earth is the mantle between the earth’s crust and the core. We are talking about a sea of ​​lava, 2,970 kilometers deep:

Earth is the only planet in the Solar System to experience an eclipse:

Earth’s rotational speed decreases by an average of 17 milliseconds every 100 years:

This means that a day will be 25 hours in 140 million years. Of course, will people see those days, it is a different puzzle.

The Earth is the only Solar System member that does not take its name from a Greek or Roman mythological gods:

The world name is used in 14 different languages. It derives from the word “dena” of Arabic and Persian origin, which means “closer”:

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