700 million people will experience hearing loss by 2050

Greater than 430 million people worldwide dwell with hearing loss. The World Well being Group has warned that this quantity may rise to round 700 million by 2050.

The primary World Hearing Report is revealed. Noting that many causes of hearing loss might be prevented, the report known as for motion to handle lifelong hearing loss and ear ailments. The World Well being Group will publish the report on March 3, 2021, as a part of World Hearing Day.

World Hearing Day is held on 3 March annually to lift consciousness about tips on how to forestall deafness and hearing loss and to advertise ear and hearing care world wide. This yr’s theme for World Hearing Day “Hearing examine for everybody!” was decided as. This yr will additionally mark the start of the primary World Hearing Report.


In keeping with the World Well being Group estimates, 60 % of hearing loss amongst kids is because of preventable causes. As well as, the report warned that widespread practices similar to listening to loud and extended music put multiple billion younger adults vulnerable to preventable and irreversible hearing loss.

In keeping with the report, most of these with hearing loss dwell in low- and middle-income nations. The report will draw consideration to the insurance policies, human assets, infrastructure and consciousness required of those nations to handle hearing loss.

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Untreated, hearing loss hinders language growth, communication, cognition, and limits entry to schooling, employment, and social interactions.

Emphasizing the necessity for well timed motion to stop and tackle lifelong hearing loss, the World Well being Group “The variety of people residing with unspecified hearing loss and ear ailments is unacceptable” made an announcement.

WHO: 700 million people will experience hearing loss by 2050 #2


In keeping with the World Well being Group, hearing loss and associated ear ailments might be prevented with preventive actions similar to safety towards loud noise, good ear care practices and vaccination. The World Well being Group, which recommends that people vulnerable to hearing loss go to ear examinations usually, acknowledged that with early prognosis and applicable care, hearing loss and associated ear ailments might be largely handled.

Hearing issues might be prompted by infections, ailments, start defects, noise publicity and life-style decisions, all of which might be prevented.

Gentle hearing loss is widespread with an ear an infection and often will get higher as soon as the an infection clears. Recurrent ear infections or center ear issues could cause extra important hearing loss.

Illnesses that may trigger hearing loss in adults embrace otosclerosis (center ear illness), interior ear issues, autoimmune interior ear illness, and acoustic neuroma (a tumor that causes hearing loss).

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Bodily head accidents similar to traumatic mind damage, perforation of the eardrum and harm to the center ear can even trigger hearing loss. Moreover, taking sure medicines, similar to some antibiotics and a few chemotherapy medicine, can have an effect on hearing.

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