7 HEALTH PROBLEMS waiting for those who walk barefoot in the cold

Strolling and not using a hat in cold, windy, wet climate is one among the most dangerous habits. This could result in very severe violations:

  • Otitis (irritation of the center and inside ear), boils in the ears (abscesses that trigger extreme ache), irritation of the ear nerve and listening to issues.

  • Irritation of the facial and cervical nerves. It’s a very severe illness, accompanied by extreme, excruciating ache and typically requires very long-term therapy.

  • Hemorrhoids and frontitis.

  • Angina pectoris. Extreme cooling of the head could cause constriction of the arteries of the inside organs, together with the coronary arteries, and trigger coronary heart ache.

  • Bronchial asthma assaults.

  • Baldness. The cold disrupts the diet of the hair follicles, the hair turns into weak and falls out simply.

  • Migraine. The reason for migraine is constriction of blood vessels. Cold compresses the arteries, which might result in the growth or exacerbation of migraines.

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