7 foods that prevent blood clots

Blood clots are semi-solid blood plenty that can block blood move and endanger our lives. Usually, blood clots that could be managed with drugs may also be prevented by consuming a nutritious diet.

Blood clots are semi-solid blood plenty that can block blood move and it will probably have an effect on anybody at any age. Blood clots can stay mounted in a sure place and trigger thrombosis. As well as, they’ll depart the realm the place they’re connected and flow into all through the physique and create embolism. Relying on their location and severity, they’ll trigger life-threatening dangers. The blood clots that kind may cause a stroke, coronary heart assault, thrombosis, or palpitations.

BLOOD thinners

Generally known as a blood thinner or blood thinner anticoagulant Medicines prevent clots from forming in your veins. Nevertheless, there are a lot of vitamins that act as pure anticoagulants and may prevent their formation.

These medication, relying on how they act in our physique, are divided into sorts – direct and oblique impact. The oblique impact is these that prevent coagulation by combining with different proteins. The direct impact, however, inhibits coagulation.

Every acts biologically within the physique, serving to to prevent blood clotting.

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There are a selection of measures that specialists suggest to prevent blood clots:

– Normally, put on free clothes and particularly free socks.

– Elevate your legs above your coronary heart infrequently.

– Train and keep away from inactivity.

– Change your place steadily, particularly on lengthy journeys or if, for instance, you’re employed sitting down.

– Don’t sit for multiple hour at a time.

– Scale back salt consumption in meals.

– Keep away from crossing your legs.

– Don’t put a pillow beneath your knees.

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Other than all these measures, additionally it is essential to eat wholesome. In accordance with varied research, some foods can act as pure anticoagulants and prevent clot formation.

Listed here are 7 blood-thinning foods:


Garlic is useful in stopping blood clots because it has properties that promote vascular well being. It additionally has antioxidant properties and helps decrease blood levels of cholesterol. It is suggested to be consumed steadily.


It ought to ideally be eaten uncooked. It’s thought of a superb pure anticoagulant.


It prevents the buildup of blood, subsequently it helps to dilute it. The easiest way to devour it’s to boil the basis. It may be added to any dish or consumed as a tea.

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E is present in foods resembling eggs, wheat, almonds, avocados and darkish inexperienced leafy greens. It’s a very efficient blood thinner.


It’s an ingredient that you may add to any meal. Apart from being a superb pure anticoagulant, it’s used to deal with many different infections. Concomitant use with different anticoagulants isn’t beneficial.

Omega 3

Salmon, tuna or trout are a number of the fish richest in Omega 3. They are perfect for selling circulation in addition to stopping blood clots.


Pomegranate could be very helpful for cardiovascular well being because it lowers dangerous ldl cholesterol and will increase good ldl cholesterol.

Consuming the correct quantity of water can also be essential for total well being. Many individuals ignore this want and don’t drink as a lot water as they need to. Drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day. Water helps prevent blood from thickening.

Consulting your physician is beneficial everytime you add new foods to your weight loss program to deal with or prevent any illness. It can clear your doubts and information you on the best way to devour them and whether or not they’re actually helpful.


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