6 ways to make your stretch marks less visible

Listed below are some strategies that may enable you to scale back the looks of outdated whitened or newly shaped cracks…

Stretch marks are innocent, however they’ll trigger many individuals to really feel stress and nervousness over their look. The cracks normally begin out as crimson or purple and regularly change coloration to white. Contemporary scars seem redder as a result of the blood vessels are nonetheless within the progress section and that is the perfect time to begin remedy. Though it’s tougher to deal with white stretch marks which were on your physique for a very long time, you’ll be able to assist them fade naturally.

6 ways to make your stretch marks less visible #1


Retinoid has confirmed to be efficient in treating crimson stretch marks. Even the looks of cracks older than just a few months might be improved with these lotions. Retinoid helps rebuild collagen and makes stretch marks look extra like your regular pores and skin.

2. tan with cream

Sunless tanning lotions will help cowl the redness of stretch marks, making them less visible. Solar tanning just isn’t really useful when you have stretch marks. It will probably darken stretched pores and skin and make scars extra noticeable.

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There aren’t any magic meals that may take away crimson stretch marks, however some merchandise assist promote pores and skin well being and scale back the looks of stretch marks. Medical professionals advocate ingesting loads of water because it retains your pores and skin delicate and reduces the probabilities of stretch marks. Meals excessive in zinc, corresponding to nuts or fish, additionally contribute to wholesome and glowing pores and skin.


Exfoliating repeatedly on the cracked space erodes the useless pores and skin and helps the formation of latest pores and skin. Eradicating the useless pores and skin from your stretch marks works higher along with another remedy you apply, because it makes different remedies work sooner.


Staying lively and sustaining a wholesome weight will help stop pores and skin stretching. Outdated stretch marks are simpler to take away if your pores and skin just isn’t topic to new stress, corresponding to important weight achieve or weight reduction.


With the micro needling technique, tiny needles are used to create tiny holes within the prime layer of the pores and skin. The pores and skin layer the place cracks happen is focused. This course of, which traumatizes the pores and skin, triggers the physique’s pure response to create extra collagen to heal wounds.

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