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6 top tips for bridal makeup:

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. One of the most important ways to look flawless that day is to have beautiful skin and the right makeup. As the ” team, we give tips for bridal makeup.

Bride It is your most natural right to have a flawless appearance on the day you will be! However, you can skip some points with the rush and excitement of the wedding day. If you want your wedding day make-up to make you look more beautiful and radiant than ever, read the tips we have prepared for you.

Prepare your skin for the wedding!

Start taking care of your skin a little while before your wedding day. Take a break from makeup and let your skin rest. Take care to clean it with cold water. Moisturize frequently. Most importantly, drink plenty of water for a healthy skin. Do not neglect to moisturize your lips. Finally, your smile will never be missing that night. For this reason, stay away from drinks that will cause stains such as coffee, wine, tea to have a white appearance of your teeth.

Don’t forget to rehearse makeup!

Decide on whom to get your wedding day makeup done. Make an appointment in advance and consult what kind of makeup you want. One week before your wedding, do a make-up rehearsal so that you can feel comfortable on the wedding day. Avoid different makeup styles in order not to take risks. An understated but sparkly makeup will be the best.

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Let your skin glow on the wedding day!

While you want to have a healthy and radiant look in your bridal make-up, you can have a bright oily skin. You may not like this in the photos taken that day. Apply translucent powder to your forehead, nose and chin to eliminate the shiny look. It would be the right choice to use an illuminator to reveal your cheekbones and achieve a radiant appearance.

May your makeup be permanent!

The pace of the wedding day is known… If you want your make-up to stay properly until the end of the wedding, you can use a makeup base. Makeup will help fix some of your makeup on your face. Use the fixing spray when your makeup is gone. Finally, one of the biggest problems of brides can be flowing mascara. Because the sensuality of that day brings tears of happiness with it. Make sure your mascara is water resistant. So you look great with your makeup all day.

Don’t forget to refresh your makeup!

During the wedding, there may be points in your makeup that require a touch-up. Your skin may become brighter. This is also not nice for the look in photos. Powder with you, lipstickHave blush, and a handkerchief. So you can apply whenever you need without panic.

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Set the makeup time well!

Set up the makeup time well to avoid being late for your own wedding or going out with an incomplete make-up. Consider how long your make-up lasts in pre-rehearsals. Start your wedding day makeup accordingly.

Have the perfect look all day and enjoy your wedding day by taking into account our tips on bridal makeup.

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