6 reasons for feeling cold after eating

6 reasons for feeling cold after eating

In the event you really feel a slight chill in your physique after eating and you’re questioning in regards to the potential causes, listed below are the solutions…

The meals you eat each day have a major impact on physique temperature. Throughout the digestive course of, physique temperature naturally adjustments because the chemical response of the digestive course of takes place within the physique. Eating meals normally results in a marginal enhance in physique temperature.

Nonetheless, in case you really feel cold as an alternative of feeling scorching after eating, this will enhance your nervousness, particularly once you eat steamy scorching meals. Your eating regimen could also be accountable for regulating your physique temperature. Feeling cold after a meal could also be minor, however it can be a symptom of an undiagnosed medical situation. Listed here are some reasons why an individual could really feel colder after eating;

6 reasons why you feel cold after eating #1

1. LOW-calorie meals

Complete calorie consumption regulates power manufacturing and physique temperature in your physique. Nonetheless, individuals who comply with a long-term restricted calorie eating regimen can have decrease physique temperature. Nonetheless, malnutrition may also decrease your physique temperature.

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2. Intermittent Fasting

Lengthy fasting hours decrease blood sugar and put the physique in a state of excessive stress, thereby decreasing core physique temperature throughout fasting. Subsequently, take care to devour scorching drinks and enhance the energy in meals a short while fasting, particularly in winter.


Eating cold meals or drink can typically trigger a feeling of cooling, which might trigger a slight drop in physique temperature. Nonetheless, since cold meals will pace up your metabolism, it’s possible you’ll really feel mild sweating after some time.


{People} with anemia usually really feel cold, even after eating, as a result of lack of oxygen within the physique. The truth is, this is without doubt one of the power issues attributable to anemia and will increase the severity of the feeling of cold after a meal.


Low thyroid hormone ranges have an effect on digestive perform resulting in a discount within the quantity of warmth the physique produces so you’re feeling colder even after eating. The physique will use the metabolic actions it spends to heat up for digestion.


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Peripheral neuropathy, a kind of nerve injury as a result of uncontrolled diabetes, may end up in numbness or chills even after eating often. The principle purpose behind that is; fluctuations in sugar degree trigger hormonal irregularities.

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