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6 beauty tips that make it look great:

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Radiant skin, white teeth, shiny nail polishes, satin-like legs and more recommendations for beautyRead our and apply with the assurance of the ” editors!

Radiant skin

To look perfect, get help from sparkling powders. Apply sparkly powder and bright blush to your forehead, nose arch, cheekbones and chin area.

Don’t be afraid of red!

Red lipstick highly admired by men is ideal for changing your whole mood. After applying the red lipstick that you have not separated from your bag, remove the excess with a napkin and apply transparent powder on it for long lasting.

For white teeth

With the inner face of the orange peel, you can instantly get a wonderful smile by rubbing your teeth in circular movements. Teeth whitening methods at homeYou can also have white teeth by reading.

Bright nail polishes

After applying a single coat of nail polish, apply a second coat of the same shade of shimmer. This method will allow you to get a more effective shine than transparent polish.

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Smooth legs

For an easier and smoother shave, apply Vaseline to your legs. This makes it easier for you to shave as it softens the hairs. Also, since your hair follicles are moistened, you will not be irritated and you will get rid of the red appearance.

A bright skin

If you are light-skinned, apply a shimmering lotion in silver color, if you are a brunette, on your décolleté area. Then apply a powder with fine glitter on it. As you seal the shine on your skin, you will shine like a jewel all day long.

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