50 Years of Earth Photos Taken by Astronauts Re-edited [Muhteşem Görünüyorlar]

Toby Ord rearranged the raw images of Earth taken by NASA astronauts 50 years ago, making them clear and vivid images as if they were taken in 2021.

When you do a search on Google Images worldYou can find many images taken from space. However, most of these images cannot be defined as a “photo” as they are created with computer aided image compositing algorithms. This is the case, a research fellow in the philosophy department at Oxford University. Toby Ord, and Ord decided to restore existing photographs of Earth.

In fact, everything Ord said was what NASA did in the 1960s and ’70s. Apollo missions It begins when NASA astronauts learn that the raw versions of the photos they took during the astronauts were published publicly. Ord; Hasselblad cameras, Zeiss lenses and 70mm Kodak Ektachrome He thought that these photographs taken using films could be reconsidered to look better, and the results did indeed.


In the above image, an unprocessed Earth photo on the left, raw; on the right is the same photograph by Toby Ord reconsidered you see. Although photography has a history of more than 50 years, after being reconsidered, it is as much as computer-generated Earth images. a clear and vivid image offers.

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Toby Ord’s aim in the work in question was to stay true to the photographs that reveal the original image of Earth. For this reason, Earth photographs taken by astronauts themselves noise, contrast, white balance It went through a number of reorganizations such as All of Ord’s retake Photographs of the Earth taken with analog cameras you can check it below.

world photo 1

world photo 2

world photo 3

world photo 4

world photo 5

world photo 6

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