5 Ways to avoid hepatitis C infection

Till the early Nineties, there was just one remedy for hepatitis C (HCV), a drug that cured lower than 10 p.c of people that took it, typically inflicting debilitating unwanted side effects. Since 2014, many direct-acting antiviral medicine have been accepted for hepatitis C. These new remedies triggered far fewer unwanted side effects than the previous ones and improved the overwhelming majority of individuals.

Whereas direct-acting antivirals change the foundations of remedy, they can’t stop you from being reinfected with hepatitis C. It is like telling a affected person that when you take antibiotics, you will by no means get an ear infection once more. These medicine are extremely good at eliminating an energetic infection, however they’re ineffective as a preventative.

With ideas to shield your self from hepatitis C infection, you’ll be able to stop re-infection.


Hepatitis C is an infection that spreads by way of the blood. In some instances, the physique clears the virus by itself. When not cleared, the infection turns into persistent. Left untreated, persistent hepatitis C can lead to liver issues, together with cirrhosis of the liver, liver most cancers, and liver failure.

As we speak, direct-acting antiviral oral medicines treatment greater than 90 p.c of each acute and persistent hepatitis C sufferers in simply 8 to 12 weeks.

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Though these newer antiviral medicine can successfully deal with an infection, they can’t stop you from contracting the virus once more when you’re uncovered. After recovering from hepatitis C, your physique develops antibodies however doesn’t act in opposition to the virus.

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Analysis, together with a research printed in March 2018 within the Journal of Viral Hepatitis, reveals that 1 p.c of all folks handled for hepatitis C infection ultimately turn out to be reinfected. Your possibilities largely depend upon whether or not you interact in behaviors that enhance the chance of infection.

Danger elements for HCV re-infection embrace:

– Injecting or inhaling medicine

– Piercing or tattooing with an instrument that has not been correctly sterilized

– Unprotected sexual activity.

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There isn’t a vaccine for hepatitis C, however taking precautions can assist shield you from being reinfected. Until you revert to contagious conduct, you will not be reinfected.

(*5*)By no means share needles: Sharing soiled needles is without doubt one of the most typical methods hepatitis C is unfold, so make certain to use a clear needle each time. Search assist from a medical skilled when you’re scuffling with medicine.

(*5*)Take precautions for piercings and tattoos: Get piercings and tattoos solely in trusted locations and ask employees how they sterilize their gear. If they do not reply your questions, go elsewhere.

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(*5*)Get your companion examined: Though infections between monogamous {couples} are uncommon, they will nonetheless happen. The chance of transmission between {couples} is low, nevertheless it’s necessary to have your companion examined when you have HCV.

(*5*)Get vaccinated in opposition to hepatitis A and B: Each of those viruses can injury the liver.

(*5*)Avoid alcohol and be aware of medicines and dietary supplements: Alcohol and sure prescription and over-the-counter medicines, herbs, and dietary supplements can injury the liver. Make certain to discuss to your physician earlier than utilizing any capsule.

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