5 reasons not to drink water with your meal

Do you know that sipping water whereas consuming causes many adverse results on the physique, particularly on digestion?

It is time to take away the water glasses that we do not miss even in our desk setting. Ingesting water with a meal interferes with digestive fluids, making it tougher for your physique to digest a meal. Whereas consuming sufficient water is essential for your total well being, consuming a glass of water with your meals can do extra hurt than good. Listed here are the consequences of water consumed with meals on our physique;

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Whereas it could sound counterintuitive, consuming a glass of water with your meal can dry out your saliva. Some folks like to add a slice of lemon to their water, which makes it a fizzy drink, which in flip impacts your salivation. Since saliva acts as a wholesome beverage for your oral surroundings, dry mouth can lead to some uncomfortable signs, together with unhealthy breath. Lemon water may also worsen sure well being situations, akin to reflux, and harm the enamel of your enamel.


While you drink water with meals, your saliva dilutes, which impacts the secretion of gastric juices liable for digesting meals. Consequently, your abdomen will get weaker indicators to break down meals, which might lead to bloating. Meals that can not be digested for a very long time could cause you to drink extra water.

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Ingesting water throughout meals impacts your abdomen’s pure acidity stage because it dilutes its digestive acids. This negatively impacts your digestive system and causes your physique to soak up much less nutritional vitamins and vitamins.


Ingesting water with meals provides bulk to your abdomen and will increase the strain on your abdomen, simply as with a big meal. This, in flip, can worsen sure well being situations and improve the danger of reflux. Ingesting water throughout meals could cause a series response, together with heartburn, as your physique releases fewer digestive enzymes.


Ingesting water whereas consuming may also trigger you to acquire additional weight. When your physique cannot digest meals sufficient, it turns it into fats, making you acquire extra weight. Ingesting water with meals may also trigger your physique to launch extra insulin into your blood, growing your possibilities of storing fats in your physique.

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Whereas it is onerous to resist the urge to drink water between bites, listed here are some ideas that may assist you to recover from it.

– Eat much less salty meals. Since salt tends to make you thirsty, it’s higher to go for meals with much less sodium.

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– Take time to chew your meals. Properly-chewed meals is simpler for your abdomen to digest, and as you chew, your physique produces extra saliva and reduces your urge to drink water.

– Drink water half-hour earlier than a meal. Ingesting water half an hour earlier than a meal is likely one of the best methods to keep hydrated. It could additionally make you are feeling fuller so that you devour fewer energy.

– Take your time. For those who’re having a fast snack on the way in which to work, it’s going to seemingly depart you dehydrated as you will have to swallow your meal with water.


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