5 nutritional recommendations for post-Ramadan


Sufficient and balanced diet is likely one of the most necessary components within the safety and enchancment of well being in each interval of our lives. Nonetheless, individuals who quick through the month of Ramadan are likely to eat extra psychologically after they change to a standard consuming sample throughout Eid, as a result of discount within the variety of each day meals and the adjustments of their weight loss program. Whereas some individuals assume that they’re nonetheless fasting, some individuals devour extreme quantities of meals by saying “fasting is over, now it is time to eat”. Some issues develop into inevitable with overeating after the month of Ramadan. Crucial of those are indigestion and abdomen issues. Close to East College Hospital Dietitian Gültaç Uncle talked in regards to the methods to stop indigestion and abdomen issues after Ramadan, the factors to be thought of whereas consuming sweets, portion management strategies in predominant meals, and the results of elevated water consumption and quantity of motion on metabolism.


Particularly throughout and after the feast, the insistent attitudes of the surroundings and the tendency to overeat ought to be averted as a lot as attainable. If you wish to devour desserts, as an alternative of pastry and syrup desserts, milk or fruit desserts ought to be most well-liked. At the very least 2 servings of fruit ought to be consumed per day. Since fruits will permit you to get sufficient carbohydrates in your physique, your candy cravings may even lower.

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For those who begin the day with sufficient power, your day will go with higher decisions. Do not miss brown bread and loads of uncooked greens out of your breakfast desk. For vacation tables, select high-volume, low-calorie meals. Meals with excessive water, fiber, low fats and calorie content material akin to greens and fruits are wholesome snacks to be served with the principle course. Through the holidays when meat consumption will increase, it’s best to undoubtedly take note of portion management in an effort to scale back the calorie worth of meals, assist digestion and never spoil your style with well being issues, and devour lean meats with greens or salads fairly than with rice, pasta, bread by grilling, boiling or cooking them within the oven. The best methodology of portion management is to calculate as a lot as your individual palm. Once more, in the event you divide a plate into 4 imaginatively, filling half with greens, 1 / 4 with meat, and the opposite quarter with yoghurt is a straightforward portioning methodology.


We should always deliver the meals in small bites by chewing it nicely. On this manner, what we eat shall be digested and used extra simply. You’ll not expertise digestive complaints, you’ll stop bloating and indigestion.

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Through the vacation, consuming water turns into secondary with the rise in consumption of tea, espresso and mushy drinks. Nonetheless, crucial nutritional rule it’s good to do to revive an everyday digestive system and metabolism is to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. We advocate that particularly the aged and blood stress sufferers take note of their espresso and tea consumption all through the day, favor natural teas, and keep away from consuming greater than 2 cups of espresso a day.


If you’re complaining in regards to the depth of your work and lack of time, right here is the golden alternative for you! Take a stroll through the holidays. 30-45-minute brisk walks through the day will each speed up the metabolism that slows down throughout Ramadan and enable you to digest what you eat through the vacation.

– For those who eat 10 leaf wraps, scale back 2 slices of bread out of your weight loss program.

– Lower 2 slices of bread + 1 slice of cheese out of your weight loss program for 1 slice of pie.

– 1 slice of baklava; Notice that 1 meal can include as many energy.

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