5 negative results of frequently washed hair


When you’ve got a behavior of washing hair day-after-day, would you prefer to be taught in regards to the negative results of frequent publicity to shampoo?

There isn’t any higher feeling than stepping out of the bathe and smelling the aromatic floral scent of your shampoo. It’s one of one of the best methods to start out the day or to alleviate the tiredness of the day by feeling refreshed and energetic. However washing your hair too typically is probably not one of the best course of motion.

How about studying the indicators that present you should cease washing your hair frequently? Listed below are some ideas that can offer you wholesome hair with out spending an excessive amount of and even saving the time you spend washing your hair;

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Those that like to draw consideration with daring hair colours, it’s possible you’ll need to rethink the frequency of washing your hair. Paint chemical substances lose their water resistance for some time and trigger the colour to movement simply.

When you undergo from bleak hair shade, strive washing it each 3 days and use a shampoo appropriate to your color-treated hair between washes. This will help your shade last more.

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Dry or frizzy hair is one other signal that you simply’re over-washing. Most shampoos comprise chemical substances referred to as sulfates that take away oil and residue out of your hair. You’ll be able to injury your hair, which is frequently uncovered to shampoo, in the long term. The pure oils fashioned within the hair follicles add moisture to your hair, making it look extra voluminous.

Along with altering the frequency of washing, strive utilizing moisturizing merchandise to restore hair follicles and select sulfate-free shampoos.

3. Triggers Dandruff

Dandruff is a situation through which the scalp begins to itch and flake, leaving white patches as a residue in your hair. Once you overdo it with washing, you inadvertently take away pure sebum out of your scalp, which is essential to preserving it nourished and wholesome. This will trigger your scalp to change into drier and produce extra dandruff.

Generally a easy rinse will suffice to take away extra oil and filth. When you undergo from dandruff, you’ll be able to strive exfoliating with a tea tree oil shampoo till the flakes clear.


Cut up ends are normally the consequence of fraying of the hair fiber on the finish of the hair shaft. When you’ve got cut up ends, it’s possible you’ll need to cut back your washing routine. When hair is moist, it’s much more inclined to break. So the extra typically you wash, the extra seemingly the hair strands will break.

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If you have already got cut up ends, there isn’t any different resolution however to trim them. Then, strive utilizing dry shampoo on days you do not moist your hair to cut back the oily look of your hair.


Once you wash your hair each day, your sebaceous glands begin to produce extra oil to compensate for the loss of oil that the shampoo prompted. Furthermore, even when your hair kind is extra oily, additionally, you will dry the hair fiber. By altering the frequency, you’ll finally practice these glands to not produce extra oil.

Make a schedule of which days are extra appropriate for laundry your hair. For instance, you may take into account taking a pleasant, stress-free bathe on days you train or exit on the weekends and have a extra lively social life.

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