5 conditions of Vladimir Putin to stop the war


Russian President Vladimir Putin besieged Ukraine with the directions he gave to his military.

Tens of millions of individuals turned refugees as a result of of the war.

The world is ready for the ceasefire determination to come from Moscow and Kyiv line.

Whereas high-level diplomatic talks proceed to stop the war, the conditions that Russian President Vladimir Putin placed on the desk for peace elevated from 3 to 5.

Putin had beforehand mentioned that if the war continues, Ukraine can have to make extra concessions.


In accordance to this; Ukraine should settle for these conditions for the war to stop;

  • Crimea will probably be thought-about Russian territory.
  • Ukraine will hand over on Donbass.
  • Ukraine will declare its neutrality and won’t grow to be a member of NATO.
  • The use of Russian in Ukraine will probably be protected.
  • The Ukrainian military will probably be purged of Nazi thought.

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