5 Basic Rules For Skin Care You Should Know

Stop Aging with 5 Essential Skin Care Rules You Should Know; It is every woman’s desire to stop aging and have a fresher and more beautiful skin. To achieve this, your skin and Body careTaking due care is giving you the value you deserve.
The anti-aging advice Op.Dr.Bülent Cihantimur, in his book Reject Aging, started with the statement “There are no ugly women, there are women who do not take care of themselves”. Skin careWe want to share what has been established with you. You can protect your skin and prevent the effects of aging with simple and easy methods that you can take, here is the basic rule you need to know.

How is the skin taken care of?

5 golden rules for skin care;

  • Protect your skin from the sun.

The simple and easy methods you need to protect your skin from the sun will protect your skin and prevent you from getting various skin diseases. Damage caused by sun rays burns the skin. It can cause skin spots, premature skin aging and the most dangerous skin cancer. The measures you will take to protect yourself from this dangerous sunlight are fairly constant. Before going out on sun-exposed areas, apply sunscreen and try to protect exposed areas with seasonal clothing.

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Smoking is one of your skin’s hidden enemies. Skin The damage is really high. If you smoke, it is inevitable that your skin structure is dry, because dry skin has low moisture content, your skin structure can make you look older. While smoking causes dry skin, its moisture content is lost and you will soon notice that your skin’s moisture content has increased after you quit smoking.

Our body and skin rest during sleep. It occurs at the moment of sleep when it renews itself. The body, which is tired and sleepless, causes a dull, dull and lifeless appearance with the effect of fatigue after a while. Regular and quality sleep provides a more vigorous and healthy sleep as well as repairing the skin and body. skin structure allows you to win. In addition, sleep disorders cause dark circles under the eyes. The right mattress, the right pillow and sleeping in a quiet, dark environment are very beneficial for both the skin and the body.

  • Regular and correct nutrition and exercise habits

Avoid convenience foods and junk food as much as possible. Get into the habit of eating lots of vegetables and fruits. You can add freshness and vitality to your skin by drinking fruit juice in the morning, do not skip any meal of the day. Losing weight, dieting and exercising regularly and drinking at least 2 liters of water a day will refresh the structure of your skin. It will help to remove toxins from your body through sweat while exercising. Also, regular sports allow the body to get more oxygen and speed up blood circulation. Regular exercise is very effective in rejuvenating the structure of our skin.

  • Use quality natural skin creams

Skin care It is very important to use creams and moisturizers, which are complementary elements for the care and cleaning of your skin. A quality cream does not mean an expensive cream, there are many beautiful natural skin creams you can make at home. You can complete your skin care by making a natural skin cream at home. If you are a person who wears a lot of makeup, you need to remove any residual makeup left on your skin and opening the skin pores and breathability will revitalize and revitalize your skin.

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You can refer to this topic to make a natural skin cream at home. Skin creams also moisturize and refresh your skin.


Kiss. Dr. Cihantimur said that the first steps of preserving beauty will start at home. Talking about simple and effective methods to eliminate the effects of aging in his book, Cihantimur gave examples such as shrinking the plate on the table, walking 2 stops before going home from somewhere. He said that making these simple applications a habit will add beauty to your skin and give your body health.

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