40 percent of the society is against marriage with an epileptic patient

Epilepsy, which is a persistent neurological illness and popularly often known as epilepsy, happens because of sudden and uncontrolled discharges in neurons in the mind. Throughout an epileptic seizure, the patient experiences involuntary contractions, sensory modifications, and consciousness modifications, albeit for a short while.

As half of 8 February World Epilepsy Day Turkish Affiliation for Combating Epilepsy In his analysis, it was revealed that there is a fantastic prejudice and ignorance against epilepsy in our nation, the place there are 1 million epilepsy sufferers. Because of the “#LookFor Epilepsy Consciousness Marketing campaign”, which has been occurring for five years, though this false impression amongst the public about epilepsy has decreased considerably, the outcomes of the analysis in 2021 revealed that the misconceptions about epilepsy, based mostly on a whole bunch of years of historical past, nonetheless persist.


President of the Turkish Affiliation for Combating Epilepsy prof. Dr. Naz Yeni, eemphasizing that the social issues of pileptic sufferers are very excessive, “We now have been making an attempt to run a marketing campaign on this difficulty for five years. People with epilepsy have medical issues, we medical doctors and well being professionals attempt to deal with them, however we’re inadequate in fixing their social issues. By the questionnaire, ‘In the event you have been the boss, would you wish to make use of an particular person with epilepsy?’ After we requested, 1 out of each 4 folks stated no. This charge was 1 out of each 5 folks in 2018. It has fallen a bit, however there is nonetheless a bias. Sadly, sufferers with epilepsy can’t enter the disabled standing, they can’t get help from the state, they usually have issues discovering a job.” stated.

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40 percent of society is against marriage with epilepsy #2


Stating that people with epilepsy have nice issues in marriage, prof. Dr. New, He stated that just about half of the society doesn’t wish to marry people with epilepsy.

In 2018, 6 out of 10 folks stated that they or a relative would oppose their marriage to an particular person with epilepsy, whereas this charge is 4 out of 10 folks this yr. Dr. New, “And our residents suppose that epilepsy will trigger intelligence issues. Sure, there are such varieties of epilepsy, however there is a fantastic injury to the mind of these sufferers. Consequently, the patient has each epilepsy and plenty of different issues. Nonetheless, epilepsy itself doesn’t straight trigger intelligence issues. However sadly “Our folks imagine that epilepsy creates a psychological drawback. One-third of the inhabitants simply thinks that epilepsy causes psychological retardation.” stated.

Stating that epilepsy is contagious and never an infectious illness like covid, Yeni stated, “We need not keep away from these sufferers. However in 2018, 8 out of each 100 folks in the neighborhood believed that epilepsy is contagious, however now this charge has dropped to six, nevertheless it is essential to see that there are nonetheless individuals who suppose so.” used the phrases.

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40 percent of the society is against marriage with epilepsy #3


Stating that there are very improper attitudes about how epilepsy sufferers ought to be fed, Prof. Dr. Yeni stated that by avoiding every thing, one mustn’t flip one’s life right into a poison.

Stating that it could be ample to concentrate to moderation reasonably than prohibition, particularly in pediatric and younger epilepsy sufferers, Yeni stated, “Grapefruit juice is very well-known on this regard. And pomegranate juice. Sure, they will work together with some epilepsy medicine. They’ll scale back or enhance the stage of the drug in the blood, however there is no drawback after heavy consumption. Drug interactions are the most essential difficulty for epilepsy sufferers. They need to by no means take medicine with out consulting their physician. “We do not suggest it. In the event that they completely want therapy, they should cooperate with their doctor. Sure, new technology epilepsy medicine work together much less with different medicine, however we all know that some antibiotics can set off seizures. We keep away from them.” he stated.

Additionally warning about fever reducers, Prof. Dr. New, “Our sufferers have to be very cautious about antipyretic medicine. We discover it inconvenient for our sufferers to take any medicine apart from straight paracetamol-containing antipyretics. Some antipyretic medicine with components equivalent to pseudophedrine can set off seizures. Subsequently, easy paracetamol ought to be used.” stated.

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