4-year-old boy kidnapped his mother’s car in the Netherlands

An occasion passed off in the metropolis of Utrecht, the Netherlands, which surprised the readers.

A 4-year-old boy sneaked out of his mother’s car and ran away from dwelling.

The little boy ran away from the crash web site in his pajamas and naked toes after crashing into automobiles.

No accidents

Eyewitnesses known as the police after they noticed the boy strolling alone on the street.

Whereas the police stated that nobody was injured in the incident, they made an announcement on Instagram. “New Max Verstappen discoveries” expressed.

handed over to his household

Police groups supplied scorching chocolate earlier than handing the little boy over to his household.

After the groups introduced the four-year-old boy with a teddy moon, he handed it over to his household.

Little 4-year-old kid steals his mother's car in the Netherlands #2

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