4 hairstyles that can cause a headache

With the intention to have a stunning look, we have now ready for you the fashions that cause complications whereas shaping your hair and the methods to deal with these pains…

Complications can be attributable to totally different causes: Stress, hypertension, harm and even the climate can set off it. The way in which you tie your hair can even be a main think about inflicting complications. Some hairstyles that put stress in your scalp can create a painful sensation. Particularly when the hairstyles you tighten so that it doesn’t deteriorate harm your scalp, complications that enhance all through the day can be your nightmare. Listed here are among the hairstyles you need to avoid;



There are very delicate nerves beneath your hair follicles and in your scalp that can really feel ache. Horsetail can set off a feeling of pressure in lots of nerves without delay, which can cause a headache. This situation is kind of frequent and is named ponytail headache syndrome.

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{People} who put on tight headbands may additionally expertise complications. That is thought of an exterior compression headache and can happen when one thing caught in your head places fixed stress in your brow or scalp. The sort of headache is often described as reasonable, fixed stress and is most painful within the space the place the item is urgent in your head. If in case you have been sporting a tight headgear for a very long time, the ache might worsen.

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Overly tight braids can put further stress and cause a headache. When your hair is braided too tightly, it places further stress in your scalp and can cause complications in addition to harm to your hair. Medical professionals imagine that some persons are extra affected by exterior compression complications than others resulting from underlying elements. For instance, some girls might have a extra delicate scalp throughout their menstrual cycle.


Hair extensions with snaps can provide you with a attractive look, however they can additionally cause a robust headache. Including that a lot weight to your hair creates pressure in your head, and extreme pulling on the scalp and hair follicles can cause the nerves within the scalp to turn out to be delicate. In contrast to different hairstyles, attachments used to elongate hair cause fixed stress in your scalp.

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– Gently therapeutic massage your scalp on the world the place you’re feeling ache and take a deep breath.

– Keep away from pointless hats.

– Contemplate hairstyles that do not put a lot of stress in your scalp: a unfastened bun, a low ponytail or unfastened braids, perhaps even a shorter coiffure.

– Get sufficient sleep.

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