30 cm gall bladder entered the world medical literature in Antalya

A 49-year-old girl named MY, who utilized to Antalya Kumluca State Hospital, stated that she suffered from extreme stomach ache and that antibiotics and painkillers didn’t relieve her.

Indicating that he lived in Izmir, however couldn’t discover the alternative to have an operation there, MY, the basic surgical procedure specialist of the hospital, Op. Dr. He was examined by Raziye Duruk.

It was determined to function on the girl who was decided to have a stone in her gallbladder.


A shocking state of affairs was encountered when the stomach of MY, who was taken to closed gallbladder surgical procedure, was entered by way of 4 separate incisions with digicam. It was decided that the gallbladder of MR was a lot bigger than it ought to be and it descended in the direction of the uterus.

At the finish of the operation, whereas the MR ought to be 7-10 cm usually, the gallbladder, which reached a size of roughly 30 cm, was eliminated. MY, who had additionally eliminated numerous giant and small stones from the gallbladder, regained his well being.


Kiss. Dr. Raziye Duruk stated that the 30-centimeter gallbladder she faraway from her affected person entered the world medical literature.

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Explaining {that a} 30-centimeter-long gallbladder case was detected in India in 2017 and entered the literature, Op. Dr. Raziye Duruk defined the operation course of as follows:

“My affected person MY acknowledged that he has a stone in his gallbladder, extreme stomach ache, that he resides in İzmir, that he doesn’t really feel relieved with antibiotics and painkillers, that he needs to have an operation, however that he couldn’t have surgical procedure resulting from the depth of the pandemic in İzmir, so he utilized to me. I deliberate a closed gallbladder operation for the stone in the bladder. I took the affected person into surgical procedure on 23.02.2021. After we entered the affected person’s stomach with a digicam for the closed surgical procedure, we encountered an enormous mass. After our examination, we revealed that this mass was the gallbladder.

As a staff, we had been fairly shocked, as a result of usually the gallbladder is an organ that’s buried in the liver mattress, below the liver. Our affected person’s gallbladder protruded from the liver mattress and prolonged to the affected person’s uterus. I accomplished the operation of the affected person by way of 4 small incisions in the stomach earlier than I switched to open surgical procedure with the closed approach. The dimensions of the gallbladder in the operation is about 30 cm, and its size when emptied is 20 cm. Many giant stones had been faraway from it. There is just one comparable case in the medical literature. In 2017, a case of a 30-centimeter gallbladder was recognized in India. The case detected in our hospital is one in all the two largest gallbladder instances in the world and the second in the medical literature worldwide.”

30 cm gall bladder entered the world medical literature in Antalya #2

30 cm gall bladder entered the world medical literature in Antalya #3

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