3 out of every thousand people in Turkey are visually impaired

Visually impaired people are people with low imaginative and prescient regardless of corrective units corresponding to glasses and lenses. Eye scans from childhood forestall eye illnesses to a big extent in the longer term. In some eye illnesses, drug remedy, surgical procedure and different remedies can forestall future imaginative and prescient loss. Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Ercan Sağlam stated that 80 % of visually impaired people in Turkey are at a treatable and preventable stage.


Ercan Sağlam, who said that preventable blindness could be attributable to varied illnesses and that the trigger and signs of every drawback differ, continued his phrases as follows: “Cataract illness is one of the main causes of blindness and imaginative and prescient discount in the world and in Turkey. As well as, macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, varied infections, congenital illnesses resulting from consanguineous marriage and different causes are among the many components that trigger imaginative and prescient issues. The attention of eye scanning ought to be positioned in the society from childhood. This work ought to be made right into a state coverage. We are able to decrease imaginative and prescient issues which will happen from illnesses corresponding to cataracts, glaucoma and diabetes with early remedy.”(*3*)

Drawing consideration to the need of avoiding consanguineous marriages, since most of the causes of congenital blindness are genetic, Dr. Sturdy used the next statements: “Yellow spot illness is one of an important eye issues as we speak. Extended life expectancy results in a rise in the quantity of these illnesses. Yellow spot illness happens in one out of every three people in teams over 70 – 75 years previous. Diabetes is one other illness that negatively impacts eye well being. Nevertheless, these days, blindness resulting from diabetes has began to be seen much less steadily with the event of diabetic retinopathy remedy strategies.(*3*)

3 out of every thousand people in Turkey are visually impaired #2


Ercan Sağlam said that there’s variability in eye illnesses in developed international locations and in eye illnesses in creating international locations. “Yellow spot and cataract illnesses are extra prevalent in developed international locations. The largest trigger of macular degeneration in developed international locations is the lengthy life expectancy in these societies and the rise in the aged inhabitants. In creating and underdeveloped international locations, cataract, glaucoma and varied eye illnesses associated to an infection come to the fore. These illnesses are predominantly seen in African, south and southeast Asian international locations.”(*3*) used the phrases.

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