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2020 accessory fashion and trends are overshadowed by the pandemic in the first half of the year. The fact that people do not leave their homes too much due to social distance özgü caused many issues to remain in the dark at the point of trends.

However, it should be known that the classic black handbag, thin cat sunglasses and stilettos… Although these accessories are easy to reach every time you leave the house, they are not always the best choices. Accessories have the power to change the style of your outfit and take your style to different levels.

So even if you use the same parts; With the right shoes, accessories, bags, sunglasses and more, you can put your style in a completely different mood. To truly complete your look, you will also need pieces that stand out from the new season. So, after the pandemic is over, what will be the accessories that will complement your style in 2020? Here are the 10 accessory trends of the new season …

2019 accessories fashion

1. Stone Bags

Stone embroidered bags

Although there is always room for a classic and timeless bag in our wardrobe, sometimes it may not be enough. For situations like this, you may need something more unique than a standard black handbag. Stony and decorated bags are ideal pieces to make a difference in your style. For the right choice, choose a model that can be used in daily life and that suits your taste. After making a simple combination, you can choose stone embroidered bags to take your look to a dazzling level.

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2. Beret

Winter beanie combinations

This season’s favorite hat is definitely berets. Floppy-brimmed hats of previous seasons are being replaced by berets this year. Berets are ideal for adding any combined, stylish French touch.

2019 beret fashion

Wearing a beret is also more feminine and elegant, making it a great alternative when you want to have a more eye-catching look. To reflect this kind of accessory into street style, you can start by choosing a classic beret in a neutral color. Especially black is the right choice and can fit almost any combination.

3. Hoop Earrings

2020 accessories trends

Hoop earrings are also back, thanks to the magnificent return of this’ 90s accessory trend. These simple yet cool earrings are one of the biggest accessory trends of 2020 and a great opportunity to try. No matter your personal style is elegant, feminine, sporty, hippie or whatever, hoop earrings can work for your style too. The most important rule of this accessory trend; It is to keep the dimensions at maximum in a minimal style and accessory selection in the combination.

4.Short Heeled Shoes

Short heeled shoes models

High heels and comfortable sneakers give their places to pointed toes and short heels this season. These models are not only stylish and elegant, but also comfortable and practical to use. For this reason, short heels are ideal for strolling the streets during the day and getting into the fun at night. Whether you are going to a breakfast or dinner; You can match these shoes with many styles.

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5.The Unique Earrings

2020 accessories fashion

If you do not like to use hoop earrings, which are the fashion of this season, or if you want to choose a different style, you can try using unique earrings together. These trendy accessories come from last season’s fashion single-earring trend.

2019 earring trends

This new version özgü a different style to create a contrast effect on the ears. The trick to having this new style is to choose pieces that are not the same. Just remember to choose a different model and size.

6.Ring Handle Bags

New season bag models

Just like the stone embroidery trend in bags, handles with handles in traditional designs are being replaced by ring handles this season. This cool accessory style is one of the top trends of the season.

Bags with ring handles

It is as practical as an ordinary bag in appearance, and also offers trendy without sacrificing functionality. Make room for hoop-handle bags in your accessory collection this season to complete your style.

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