19 more victims of genocide buried in Srebrenica

In July 1995, genocide was dedicated in Srebrenica in japanese Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnians killed in the genocide had been buried in mass graves.

19 more genocide victims, whose identification is decided for the burials held on 11 July yearly, had been buried right this moment.


19 victims of the genocide, which is described as the best human tragedy in Europe after the Second World Conflict, discovered everlasting peace after the funeral prayer to be held on the Potocari Memorial Cemetery.

Youngest is 16, oldest is 63.

Earlier than the funeral prayer, a commemoration program was held on the Srebrenica Memorial Heart for the twenty sixth anniversary of the genocide.

Azmir Osmanovic, the youngest of the victims of the genocide to be buried this 12 months, was 16 when he was killed, and Husein Kurbasic, 63, is the oldest.

19 more victims of genocide buried in Srebrenica #2


The names of the opposite victims to be buried are as follows:

“Vejsil Hamzabegovic (1939), Muhidin Mehmedovic (1977), Ramiz Selimovic (1951), Esnaf Halilovic (1976), Muamer Mujic (1976), Mehmed Beganovic (1947), Hajro Aljic (1944), Jusuf Aljic (1967), Zajim Hasanovic (1968), Asim Nukic (1971), Nezir Dautovic (1969), Ibrahim Avdagic (1950), Jusuf Halilovic (1948), Salih Dzananovic (1955) and Meho Karahodzic (1939), Fikret Kiveric (1978), Zilha Delic ( 1971).”

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19 more victims of genocide buried in Srebrenica #3


After the occupation of Srebrenica by the Serbian troops beneath the command of Ratko Mladic on July 11, 1995, the civilian Bosniaks who took refuge with the Dutch troopers throughout the United Nations (UN) had been then handed over to the Serbs.

Permitting ladies and youngsters to succeed in the area beneath the management of Bosniak troopers, the Serbs massacred at the least 8,372 Bosniak males in forested areas, factories and warehouses. The murdered Bosnians had been buried in mass graves.

After the battle, the victims whose our bodies had been discovered in the mass graves in the efforts to search out the lacking are buried with a ceremony held on the Potocari Memorial Cemetery on July 11 yearly after identification.

After this 12 months’s ceremony, the quantity of victims buried in the mausoleum rose to six,671.

19 more genocide victims to be buried right this moment in Srebrenica ViDEO

19 more victims of genocide buried in Srebrenica #4

19 more victims of genocide buried in Srebrenica #5

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