14 living relatives of Leonardo da Vinci found

(*14*)Italian artist Leonardo Da Vinci, who lived between 1452 and 1519 and left his mark on the Renaissance interval, is proven as one of the best artists of all time on the earth together with his works.

(*14*)It is extremely troublesome to analysis the household tree of Da Vinci, who’s an architect, engineer and scientist in addition to a painter. As a result of There may be solely details about the profitable artist’s father, Ser Piero Da Vinci.


(*14*)Artwork historians Alessandro Vezzosi and Agnese Saboto have been making an attempt to find out Da Vinci’s household tree for over 10 years.

(*14*)The analysis workforce traced the lineage of Da Vinci’s father and one of his 22 half-siblings, Domenico. The paperwork within the archives had been additionally used within the examine.


(*14*)The findings, printed within the peer-reviewed scientific journal Human Evolution, confirmed that Da Vinci had 14 surviving male relatives aged between 1 and 85 years previous.

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(*14*)Vezzosi mentioned they comply with the Y chromosome, handed down from father to son, and that it has hardly modified over the centuries.

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(*14*)The artwork historian defined that Da Vinci’s surviving relatives had been engaged in occupations akin to blacksmith, pastry chef or workplace employee, one of whom was an artist.

(*14*)The household tree drawn by the analysis workforceIt spans 21 generations and 5 household branches over 690 years, beginning with Da Vinci’s grandfather Michele, who was born in 1331.

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