13 Disney Fan Theories That Will Probably Make You Rethink Everything About Your Favorite Movies

I do not assume I am going to ever watch Moana the identical, tbh!

We just lately shared a Reddit thread began by u/AwkwardJewler that was full of attention-grabbing fan theories folks had from their favourite films and TV reveals.

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Warning: Some spoilers forward.

Since that put up obtained folks speaking within the feedback, we determined to share some extra. So, listed here are some Disney-specific fan theories for all of the Disney followers on the market:


One, or each, of Lilo and Nani’s mother and father have been within the CIA.

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Within the first film, Cobra Bubbles was initially a CIA agent earlier than he randomly left that profession and have become a social employee. It is not sensible that he would change from a CIA agent to a social employee, proper? Nicely, principally, Lilo’s mum or dad(s) have been coworkers of Cobra, which explains why Lilo was by no means taken out of her residing state of affairs, and Nani was allowed to maintain Lilo.



Nemo really died in Discovering Nemo, and the film is Marlin’s journey with grief.

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You could also be conversant in this concept already, however to those that aren’t, buckle up. So, it is believed that Nemo died together with the entire different eggs initially of the film, and all the things else within the film takes place in Marlin’s unconscious as he tries to just accept the truth that his son is lifeless. All through the remainder of the film, we see Marlin undergo every of the levels of grief.



Hei Hei from Moana is definitely a demigod.

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Hei Hei is at all times there with Moana, maintaining her secure, in a way. This intelligent concept means that Hei Hei is definitely a guardian despatched by the gods to assist Moana on her quest, which she does. Hei Hei seems to have stayed the identical age since Moana was a child, and he survives loads of harmful conditions, additional exhibiting that simply possibly he is really a demigod.


Mom Gothel from Tangled is definitely The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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In response to this concept, Mom Gothel and The Evil Queen are the identical individual as a result of they’re each obsessive about magnificence and having a youthful look ceaselessly. The 2 characters have loads of similarities, and properly, now that I am studying it…it is beginning to make loads of sense. You can learn all of the wild particulars right here.


Anna and Elsa from Frozen and Tarzan from Tarzan are literally siblings.

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Frozen director Jennifer Lee revealed a concept from her codirector, Chris Buck, who additionally labored on Tarzan. In response to Chris, the king and queen did not die throughout a shipwreck/in a storm. They have been really abandoned on a jungle island. What’s one other story the place somebody is stranded on a jungle island? Tarzan! It is potential that King Agnarr and Queen Iduna’s ship veered off the water because of the storm, they usually by no means obtained it again, in order that they stayed and raised Tarzan till leopards ate them. That would imply that Tarzan is Elsa and Anna’s long-lost brother.


The entire Pixar films are related.

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In 2013, Jen Negroni created the Pixar concept that states that every Pixar film is happening in the identical universe however at completely different occasions. Though this concept is just about confirmed at this level, it felt fallacious to not embrace it. All of it makes a lot sense whenever you learn the whole factor and join the dots!


Bing Bong from Inside Out is definitely a monster from Monster’s, Inc. and never Riley’s imaginary good friend.

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Going together with the idea of every Pixar film being related, it’s believed that Bing Bong is not Riley’s imaginary good friend, however he is really a monster from Monster’s, Inc. This concept states that he would go to her on a regular basis when she was 3 years outdated, and he or she really remembered a pleasant monster as an alternative of making an imaginary good friend. So if this concept is true, despite the fact that in Riley’s reminiscence Bing Bong died, Bing Bong remains to be alive and travels again in time to make different youngsters chuckle.


Carl from Up was lifeless the whole time.

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In response to this concept, Carl is lifeless all alongside, and his journey to Paradise Falls is his transition into the afterlife. Going with this, Russell is an angel making an attempt to earn his wings (Wilderness Explorer badge). Elsewhere, Charles Muntz is a fallen angel hellbent on dragging Carl to the underworld together with his hellhounds.



Ariel and Hercules are literally cousins.

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It is by no means hinted at, however this concept explores how Ariel and Hercules are associated when Greek mythology. Ariel’s dad is King Triton, who in Greek mythology is the son of Poseidon. That would make Poseidon Ariel’s grandfather. In Greek mythology, Poseidon additionally has two brothers — Hades and Zeus. In Greek mythology and Disney, Zeus is Hercules’ dad, making Ariel and Hercules cousins.



In Ratatouille, the outdated woman initially of the film is the meals critic’s mom.

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“Within the flashback scene the place he eats the ratatouille, you may see similarities of the home from the start, her face, and, I feel, the bridge.”



Hans shouldn’t be the true villain of Frozen…the rock trolls are.

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In response to this concept, Prince Hans was magically manipulated by the Trolls to betray Arendelle as a result of they need Kristoff to marry into the royal household as an alternative of Hans. Within the first film, Prince Hans needed to kill Elsa, however when one of many guards has a crossbow aimed toward her, he saved her. Why would he do this if he needed her lifeless? The one rationalization is that Prince Hans, the primary time we see him, is an effective man, however someplace in the middle of the film, the Trolls magically manipulated him into turning into a foul man.


Moana dies within the thunderstorm initially of the film.


“After that, she solely meets gods and mystical creatures for the remainder of the film. She nonetheless should full her journey to return the guts of Te Fiti, and when she does, Te Fiti brings her again to life so she will be able to return to her tribe.”



Lastly, in Wall-E, the folks resorted to cannibalism whereas on the spaceship.

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“The folks have been on that spaceship for means longer than deliberate. The robots management all the things on the ship, and the people do not know what’s taking place. Plus, you do not see any vegetation or animals on the ship, and we do not understand how they eliminate corpses. So because the robots are programmed to not return to earth, they clear up the absence of 1 useful resource (meals) with the surplus of one other (corpses).”


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