10 tips to preserve the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are the key to a nutritious diet. In a wholesome consuming plan, the consumption of vegetables and fruits ought to be given extra precedence than different meals teams. The grains of the majority of the inhabitants in Turkey are in refined type (merchandise with low nutrient density and excessive caloric density) Contemplating the consumption of vegetables and fruits, it’s far more essential to enhance the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

As well as to the normal suggestion that half of our plate ought to consist of vegetables and fruits (the different half is split between carbohydrates and proteins), additionally it is crucial to preserve and enhance the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.


The nutritional content material of fruits and vegetables is affected by the method they’re used and cooked. Because of this, it is vitally essential to listen to these processes so as to profit from all the nutritional values ​​of these meals.

Nutrient loss of meals begins in manufacturing areas and continues till our tables. Relying on how we retailer these meals, this loss may be even higher throughout preparation and cooking.

Cooking method is one of the most essential elements and it’s the issue that the majority impacts the ultimate preparation of the dish.

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There are some methods to preserve the nutritional properties of vegetables, equivalent to cooking meals for 2 minutes and freezing it instantly. It is vital to keep in mind that this method shouldn’t be advisable for vegetables, as they’ll lose their nutritional vitamins with the course of.

Fruits and vegetables lose their nutritional value extra simply. Because of this, it will be important to observe the suggestions under so as to profit higher from the vitamins in these meals:

1. Keep away from long-term storage in the fridge.

2. Make use of their shells at any time when potential.

3. Wash complete fruits and vegetables and then chop them.

4. If potential, want contemporary and uncooked consumption.

5. Might scale back mineral and vitamin content material equivalent to mild, excessive warmth, extended soaking, and oxygen. Keep away from publicity to elements as a lot as potential.

6. Peel, grate, mix and/or reduce fruits and vegetables simply earlier than consuming them. Put together the correct quantity of meals for similar day consumption, keep away from leaving leftovers in the fridge.

7. The shorter the cooking time, the much less vitamins are misplaced. Fruits and vegetables ought to be eaten contemporary. Don’t enable it to be saved for a very long time. Vitamins are misplaced with maturity and storage time.

8. Cook dinner the meals with little water, don’t let it cook dinner for a very long time. Cook dinner with steam if potential, it preserves vitamins higher.

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9. Ideally, eat fruit complete or in chunks. Some nutritional vitamins, equivalent to vitamin C, could also be misplaced when fruit and vegetables are blended in a blender.

10. Don’t use an excessive amount of salt. Attempt to use the remaining water throughout cooking for the preparation of one other dish, for making rice, soup and dough.

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