10 Tips to Make French Fries Like a Pro

French fries are one among these snacks that everyone loves. Nevertheless, even when it would possibly seem to be one among the only issues to make, there are numerous issues can go fallacious and there’s truly a correct method to get one of the best outcomes.
That’s why needs to share some tips with you that may allow you to put together scrumptious French fries at dwelling, with out spending an excessive amount of cash and in an straightforward method.

1. Select the precise potatoes

When it comes to making French fries, similar to in some other dish, the components you’re employed with are essential. In this case, choosing the proper potatoes is essential for one of the best outcomes:

✔️ Select considerably tougher, firmer potatoes. These will keep crispy for a longer time and they’re going to additionally cook dinner extra simply. Attempt going for Russets and white varieties of potatoes.

✖️ Potatoes that aren’t totally ripe or these which can be overripe, as a substitute of changing into agency and crispy when frying, they may change into mushy. In addition, inexperienced potatoes may be dangerous, so be cautious when selecting.

2. Reduce them correctly

Begin by peeling the potatoes and lower them widthwise into slices that must be about 1/4 in (or 6 to 7 mm) vast. Then slice them once more, however this time lengthwise to get hold of sticks. Make certain they’re all extra or much less the identical dimension. This fashion they’ll all cook dinner evenly. If many sticks are smaller, some might cook dinner earlier than others, and so they would possibly burn in the method.

✔️ The scale we’re displaying in the picture is ultimate. It will permit your potato to fry on the skin, whereas nonetheless having a delicate, moist inside.

✖️ If you make thinner slices, you would possibly find yourself having dry and crispy fries, as a substitute of crunchy exterior and fluffy inside. On the opposite hand, if you make thicker slices, the potatoes might take longer to cook dinner or even be uncooked inside.

  • Tip: Don’t throw away the potato peels! You should use them to make broth to accompany your meals or whilst a fertilizer on your crops.
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3. Rinse them earlier than cooking

After slicing the potatoes, allow them to soak in a bowl of chilly water. Then place the bowl below working faucet water and allow them to soak in there for about 5 minutes (or till the water runs clear). That is a method of eradicating extra starch, and it will allow you to forestall the potatoes sticks from sticking collectively throughout cooking, which might make them flip delicate on the skin as a substitute of crispy.

4. Boil them

This step is essential to get hold of crispy potatoes with a spongy inside. When boiled for a brief interval of time, the floor of the sticks will break. When frying them, these little cracks will truly make the crust agency, crispy, and scrumptious, since they may take in a part of the cooking oil, which is able to give them that crunchy texture we all love when consuming fries.

  1. Take out the sliced potatoes from the bowl of chilly water and place them in a pot that already comprises boiling water.
  2. Prepare dinner them for 20 to 30 minutes (the time you’ll have to boil them will depend on the kind of potato you selected and the way ripe it is). You may inform once they’re prepared by taking a look at their pores and skin — it must be cracked and delicate, however nonetheless considerably agency. They need to not appear to be they’re about to break into mashed potatoes.
  3. Use a spatula to take away them very rigorously from the pot so that they do not break and place them on a rack to drain extra water and anticipate them to cool.

5. Freeze them earlier than frying them

As soon as the potatoes are dry, take them to the freezer and allow them to sit there for about half an hour. By doing this, the starch that’s contained in the potatoes will recrystallize. That, in flip, will make the sticks exhausting once more. This easy trick will give them a crispy crust and a scrumptious firmness after frying.

6. Don’t fry them simply as soon as, however twice

Extremely acclaimed chef, (*10*), one among probably the most famend cooks in the world, recommends frying the potatoes twice so that they’re very crispy on the skin, however delicate and fluffy on the within.


When frying for the primary time:

  • Pour oil into a frying pan or a fryer and warmth till it reaches a temperature of roughly 260ºF (130°C).
  • Take the potatoes out of the freezer and put them in the pan or in the fryer. Deep fry them for about 5 minutes or till they begin to have a darker coloration, however don’t allow them to brown but. It’s vital that they don’t seem to be cooked all through, however solely till you see that a skinny crust begins to type on the skin of the sticks.
  • Rigorously take away them from the oil and place them on a tray to drain any extra oil. Then place them in the freezer for one more half hour. This can take away any remaining moisture from the potatoes.
When frying for the second time:

  • Warmth a skillet with oil or a fryer till it reaches a temperature of roughly 350ºF (180°C). You don’t want to change the oil, you should use the identical oil from the primary batch.
  • Take the potatoes out of the freezer and place them in the skillet or in the fryer.
  • Prepare dinner them for about 7 minutes or till you see all of them have a golden brown crust. Then take away and let the surplus oil drain.

7. Don’t fry, deep fry as a substitute

In this case, utilizing much less oil doesn’t imply that you just’re cooking a more healthy dish. If you skimp on this product, what might occur is that the potatoes won’t cook dinner correctly, or some elements will stay uncooked. To keep away from this, put a beneficiant quantity of oil in the pan, overlaying the sticks utterly while you cook dinner them.

  • Tip: Don’t fear about utilizing an excessive amount of oil. You may reuse it to fry different meals or to put together different dishes.

8. Select the precise oil for the duty

When cooking meals, it is vital to perceive that not all oils work in the identical method or must be utilized in the identical method. We should take note of their high quality, their smoke level, and their chemical composition, as this may assist us to select probably the most applicable one for our dish.


A few of one of the best oils for making ready fried meals are:

  • Additional virgin olive oil: it ought to have a low acidity degree to forestall it from degrading rapidly, however in spite of that, it has many wholesome properties and helpful vitamins for our our bodies, like polyphenols, for instance. Nevertheless, its smoke level is decrease than different oils.
  • Olive pomace oil: it has a excessive resistance to excessive temperatures, which, in flip, implies that it doesn’t lose the helpful qualities of such a oil.
  • Excessive oleic sunflower oil: its oleic proportion prevents oxidation and rancidity.

9. Fry the potatoes in batches

✔️ Though it may be tedious to wait till all of your batches are accomplished, it’s higher to not fry all of your potatoes in a single batch. By dividing them, you’ll be sure that they’re all cooked correctly and also you’ll be in a position to higher management the cooking instances.
✖️ If you throw all of them in the pan at as soon as, not solely will the oil quiet down at first, which in flip will make your potatoes flip all mushy and lack a golden crust, but additionally they won’t fry evenly. Which means you would possibly find yourself having some uncooked elements and a few burnt elements.

10. Salt them while you take them out of the fryer, by no means earlier than

✔️ One of the best time to salt potatoes is while you take away them from the pan. The salt will assist take in the surplus oil, which makes them crispy.
✖️ It is not recommended to salt them both earlier than or throughout cooking, as this might not solely alter the composition of the oil, but it surely might additionally make the potatoes mushy.

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