10 Makeup Techniques You Must Know

Make-up tricks are usually the process of covering the problematic area on a woman’s face with the help of small tips or highlighting a certain area with small touches. I would like to share with you the simple and easy make-up tips you need to do for a beautiful and beautiful appearance, fuller lips and smoother skin.
It is not correct to say make-up tricks as a trick, the purpose here is to reveal our different lines with small touches. Skin care We would like to share with you these make-up techniques, known as the secrets of the experts.

10 makeup techniques

Makeup tricks you should definitely know

To make mascara in a very special way, you can put any business card on the lower part of your eye so that your mascara does not reach the eyelid and you can make up in this way.

  • Detention method of closure Bruises

The bruises under the eyes are very visible and if it bothers you, it is of great benefit that this product you put under your eyes is not a concealer but a color corrector, concealer. Especially yellow and orange tones will be very effective in removing the bruises under the eyes.

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You find a very easy make-up technique that you need to do so that your black pencil is permanent and does not flow all day. You can use gel or black eyeshadow on top of the black word you put on your eyes, it is a very effective and beautiful method, so your eyes look more beautiful all day long.

  • For bigger and clearer eyes

If you want your eyes to look bigger and brighter, you can apply light shades of eyeliner to the inside of your eyes. It can be white or beige, if you wear beige it will further reduce the appearance of capillaries in your eyes.

  • You can cover your skin imperfections

It is actually very easy to combat blemishes, capillaries and red acne scars on your skin, so applying a green foundation before foundation will prevent redness from appearing on your green skin. This will make your skin look more beautiful.

There is a very practical method to make your lips look fuller and larger, you can emphasize your lips by using eye shadow in the middle of your mouth, especially in pink or metallic reflected champagne tones. Using a lip gloss with glitter will make your lips look fuller and bigger.

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  • Recharge the practical app

If recharging is really difficult for you, you can do the opposite lighting. When you lighten your skin, the areas you open your skin will be completely visible and the remaining areas will remain dark, so you will have a very close effect.


  • You can get a permanent lipstick

If you complain that your lipstick is not permanent all day long, you can get a permanent lipstick by dividing a napkin in half, sticking half of it on your lips and applying a clear powder or baby powder to your lips with its help. a brush. Make sure the curtain you put on your lips is not thick.

  • Longer and fuller Cyprus

If you want to make longer and fuller strokes, we need baby powder, mascara and ear cotton for this. After applying your mascara in a single layer, you dip the ear cotton into the baby’s cocoon and apply it to the ends of your kipriks. After waiting for a while, you apply a second layer of mascara and you will have longer, fuller folds.

  • If you are afraid of wearing red lipstick
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Some women are afraid to wear red lipstick because they think red lipstick makes their teeth look yellow. If you are too afraid of wearing red lipstick on this blue huesYou can choose to use shades of blue that make your teeth appear whiter than they appear.

These make-up techniques, which are very useful, will be very useful and you can easily apply these simple applications while making makeup at home.

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