10 Golden Rules You Should Know For Skin Beauty

10 golden rules for skin beauty you should know On the line where every lady goes big ways beauty Nobody knows how to spend money on this. Really skin beauty There are golden rules that you must follow to apply them, you will have a smooth skin when applied, your skin will be rejuvenated and even dead cells will disappear and we will not be exaggerating.
Applying 10 golden rules to beautify your skin will give you a more well-groomed and beautiful skin appearance and these applications will definitely attract the attention of the people around you.

To beautify the face

What should we do to beautify the face? If you do, you can have a healthy and well-groomed face by following the suggestions I will give you. How to naturally beautify your face

  • For facial beauty, protect your skin from the sun.

One of the biggest enemies of your skin is the sun. You can try to stay in the sun and try to tan, but remember that while sunburn will do a lot of damage to your skin, it will make your skin look older than before. Sun damage to the skin so many that the most dangerous is skin cancer. Therefore, if you are going to stay in the sun for a long time, you should use a sunscreen that is resistant to ultraviolet A and B rays, this cream will protect your skin from sunlight. Also, wavy, wide hats and glasses will protect you even if the sunscreen effect wears off.

  • Apply ice to revitalize the skin.

To make your skin look younger and younger, if you put ice on the thin cloth at home and keep it on your skin until your skin turns pink, you will see your skin relax. Also, try to wash your skin with cold water whenever possible.

  • Do facial cleansing regularly

After cleansing, cleansing your skin with an alcohol-free toner will open the pores. Toners are essential for facial cleansing skin cleansing It’s really useful. Toners should be in every woman’s bag as they remove any makeup residue left after makeup removal. It should also be used to cleanse your skin while tightening and closing pores.

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If your skin is not very sensitive, you should definitely peel your skin. Peelings By removing dead skin cells, you can have a younger looking skin. There are many pasit peeling masks you can make at home.

  • Use oils that beautify the face

Get in the habit of using oil for your skin, especially argan oil that will benefit you greatly. With the use of argan oil, pimples on your skin disappear, your skin becomes smoother, those with both dry and oily skin can use it, removes wrinkles under the eyes, protects you from sunlight. You can use argan oil all over your body.

  • Give your face a steam bath

Other skin care It is a method generally used by many people. You should put enough lavender oil in hot water and wait for it to steam.If you cover your head with a towel so that the steam coming from the hot water is in full contact with your skin, you should definitely try it because the steam looks wet on your skin.

  • Do not change your face care products

Try not to change the products you use for your skin as much as possible, using the same products continuously will benefit you in skin care.

  • Facial beautification masks

Depending on the structure of your skin, making a mask once or twice a week will really benefit your skin. There are many beautiful masks you can make at home.

  • Make sure you remove the makeup

Do not forget to clean your make-up before going to bed at night, the cleaning you will do with Toners will remove makeup residue and invisible dirt on your skin.

Our other method is skin massage to relax the skin. Massages you will do on your skin will relax and tighten your skin and make it look younger.

Face beautifying masks

If you want to have a clean, smooth and radiant skin, you should definitely apply the masks that make the face look beautiful, as well as the suggestions I give you. Masks that make the face look brighter and brighter are natural methods and will definitely show an effect.

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Firming Egg Mask for Skin

Since ancient times, egg mask has been used frequently to rejuvenate and tighten the skin. We mix the egg white until it foams. We clean our skin thoroughly by applying it all over our face and neck with the help of cotton. In this way, we dry our skin with warm water after waiting for 15 minutes. It is sufficient to apply twice a week. You will find that your skin is smoother and smoother.

Refreshing Turkish Coffee Face Mask

Turkish coffee mask, which is often used by celebrities, has an effect that revitalizes, renews and brightens the skin. It is very easy to make a Turkish coffee mask that removes black spots.

Let the Turkish coffee grounds cool for a while. Apply the coffee grounds by massaging our face without putting too much pressure. If you want, you can try adding a small amount of olive oil or coconut oil for the best effect. Just wait on the skin for an average of 5 to 10 minutes. For other mask recipes How to make a coffee grounds mask You can read our article.

Tomato mask that brightens your face

Thanks to the acid it contains, it lightens the skin, revitalizes the skin, opens the skin pores and ensures that the skin is healthy.

  • 1 tomato
  • Small amount of whole wheat flour

We mix the peeled tomatoes with a blender, add the flour and mix again. You can adjust the amount of flour to obtain a creamy consistency. We apply the tomato mask we have prepared on all parts of our face and neck. It is sufficient to rinse with warm water after waiting for an average of 15 minutes. It is ideal to apply twice a week. For recipes for effective masks with tomatoes How to make a tomato mask You can take a look at our article.

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To brighten the face It is possible to get effective results by applying the masks I have given you.

How to make your face look naturally beautiful

To beautify the face naturally, simply apply skin care recommendations and masks that beautify the face. In addition, consuming apples, oranges and strawberries, known as fruits that make the face beautiful, will make your skin more vivid. It is possible to look more beautiful and vigorous with oils that make the face look younger.

Try not to buy expensive cosmetics unless the skin is supposed to look beautiful, as these will damage the skin in the future. Natural methods are always more effective and healthier to make the face look young and beautiful. It’s also very extreme. You don’t need to spend a fortune to be beautiful, just give your skin and face the necessary courage. In order to beautify the face at home, skin care should be done regularly and the skin should be cleaned regularly. If there is acne on the skin How do I get rid of acne You can take a look at our article. Also for skin imperfections How are skin imperfections passed? You can find detailed information in our article. The most effective creams to beautify the face madecasol cream Y bepanthen cream These creams moisturize the skin, provide care and nourish the skin, allowing new dead skin cells to be removed.

So what do you owe your beauty to? for facial beauty What do you do. If you want to share your beauty secrets with us, you can inform us by writing in the comments section. Also, just write down the comments you have in mind.

These really effective skin care methods are simple and easy applications that you can spend time with. If you care about your skin, you should follow these rules immediately, get a habit and do it regularly.

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