10 conspiracy theories about Antarctica

Techno ‘on’ Episode 22 – ”10 conspiracy theories about Antarctica”

As a result of the truth that Antarctica is roofed with ice and is situated in a really distant location, many conspiracy theories have been put ahead up to now.

Dwelling in Antarctica is sort of not possible with out particular gear, buildings, and help from folks. This has made Antarctica an ideal candidate for conspiracy theories starting from aliens to UFOs to secret authorities bases and even some unusual pyramids.

Within the twenty second episode of our techno ‘ten’ collection, we take a better take a look at 10 conspiracy theories about Antarctica.

1. OLD CIVILIZATIONS BUILT THE Pyramids in Antarctica


in 2016 in Antarctica three pyramid after being found then the web frantic returned. The pyramids had been over 1220 meters tall, making them practically 10 occasions larger than the well-known Nice Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Since there is no such thing as a report of any historic civilization in Antarctica, it was a matter of curiosity how these pyramids had been constructed. Nevertheless, such a large development required unimaginable assets and manpower to finish.

Nonetheless, conspiracy theorists declare that the pyramids had been constructed by some undiscovered historic civilization that lived 100 million years in the past in Antarctica.

Conspiracy theorists, who say that Antarctica was on the equator at the moment, so the dwelling situations had been extra tolerable, additionally suppose that the Google Earth utility additionally blocked the pyramids.

Based on scientists, the pyramids right here couldn’t have been constructed by an historic civilization as a result of Antarctica was truly on the South Pole 100 million years in the past.


10 conspiracy theories about Antarctica #2

A secret Nazi base in Antarctica a conspiracy concept that there’s. The concept got here about after the Nazis visited Antarctica in 1938, in all probability with an expedition of a number of navy and scientific ships.

Whereas the Nazis had been there, they supposedly found a number of underground caves and rivers, and later turned the biggest cave right into a secret metropolis the place they lived with the Illuminati.

Some conspiracy theorists suppose that Hitler fled to this secret base after shedding the struggle.

Those that imagine on this conspiracy concept additionally declare that the Nazis by some means managed to grab alien expertise at their secret base.

In actuality, the Nazis wouldn’t have a secret base in Antarctica. There isn’t a proof that they’re making weapons with alien expertise or testing any weapons in Antarctica.

Additionally, round 1938, the Nazis despatched just one ship to the world to search for new whaling areas. World Conflict II get away They left this place after giving it away.


10 conspiracy theories about Antarctica #3

Some conspiracy theorists imagine that the legendary Atlantis underneath Antarctica claims to be.

Curiously, this concept began within the Nineteen Fifties after Professor Charles Hapgood, a historian, recommended that Antarctica was house to some undiscovered historic civilizations. Hapgood’s perception was primarily based on the speculation that Antarctica was not coated by ice 11,600 years in the past.

Graham Hancock in 1995 , Fingerprints of the Gods in his work, folks of Atlantis AztecMayan and Egyptian empires claimed to have migrated from Antarctica to determine

4. ALIENS BUILT 7 RECTANGULAR ICE bergs in Antarctica

10 conspiracy theories about Antarctica #4

Scientists, in Antarctica odd, virtually fully rectangular icebergs reveal your existence they took out. These buildings, that are normally very giant, will also be seen from house.

Rectangular icebergs look extra man-made than pure. As in the event that they had been rigorously carved from a bigger iceberg…

Based on scientists, these icebergs are shaped from items of a bigger iceberg. Nevertheless, conspiracy theorists don’t imagine this and declare that these buildings had been both made by people or aliens.

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10 conspiracy theories about Antarctica #5

Some conspiracy theorists known as “alien hunters”falling in Antarctica an alien of UFO declare to have found the proof. The hunters got here to this conclusion after analyzing a suspicious hint they discovered on the floor of the continent with Google Earth.

The found path above begins from the collapsed peak of a mountain. This means that the UFO peaked because it fell. Nevertheless, geologists say that this picture isn’t a UFO, however a easy avalanche.



In January 2019, NASA and from the German Aerospace Middle scientists, They found a deep crater underneath the frozen soil of Antarctica. they introduced.

The crater, though not too long ago reported, was first revealed in 2006 throughout an evaluation of satellite tv for pc photographs of Antarctica.

Scientists imagine that the crater crashed into the Earth hundreds of thousands of years in the past. and dinosaurs to vanish thinks that one of many asteroids that precipitated.

Nevertheless, conspiracy theorists imagine that the crater in query means that it’s a part of the key Nazi base we talked about earlier. Some folks even say that the U.S. Navy is scouting to search out the key entrance to the crater.

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In March 2018, a star with conspiracy theories YouTube channel, He claimed that Google is aware of some secrets and techniques about Antarctica. Allegedly, Google is doing its greatest to cover this data from us. Nevertheless, a Google worker is sending us a message in numerous methods.

The YouTube channel host mentioned {that a} crimson cross seems when hovering over a location in Antarctica, however solely when he prompts the climate characteristic in Google Earth.

Conspiracy theorist finds this secret signal is an unidentified Google He says it was put there on goal by his worker, and that the Google worker needed to attract consideration to one thing hidden there.


10 conspiracy theories about Antarctica #8

Antarctica on the shores there are two craters. Each go deep into the frozen floor from under the floor, as if one thing had penetrated.

Conspiracy theorists, craters to a secret authorities facility, a international base, or the aforementioned secret Nazi base entries suggests it’s.

Scott Waring, a UFO conspiracy theorist, mentioned that the craters had been created by a UFO buried in frozen floor. He claimed to have seen the UFO on Google Earth. Nevertheless, Google introduced that there was an error within the picture and changed it with the unique.



There’s a unusual conspiracy concept that every one of Antarctica and the South Pole don’t exist.

This perception is most claiming that our planet is flat straight earthlings widespread amongst. Those that imagine on this concept imagine that the North Pole is on the middle of the Earth and the South Pole surrounds the Earth.

Based on this perception, Antarctica is definitely a thick wall round 30 to 60 meters excessive that surrounds our planet. this wallprevents every little thing from falling off the sting of the Earth.

Flat earthers say the existence of this wall can’t be confirmed. As a result of governments and the United Nations don’t permit flights round Antarctica.

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Conspiracy theorists imagine that the British Captain Prepare dinner was one of many few individuals who noticed the wall in query, aside from authorities brokers. Supposedly Captain Prepare dinner reported seeing the large wall throughout his three voyages to Antarctica.



One other conspiracy concept about the Nazis is that they He claims they hid UFOs someplace in Antarctica.

Those that imagine on this concept suppose that the Nazis hid a secret UFO in Antarctica throughout World Conflict II.

US and British forces repeatedly tried to destroy the bottom the place the UFO was situated in the course of the struggle, however had been unsuccessful, however By dropping an atomic bomb on the bottom in 1958, they succeeded in destroying it. Conspiracy theorists declare that the Nazis destroyed a US airplane throughout this operation.

This concept is taken into account incorrect as a result of the Nazis by no means had a base or navy curiosity in Antarctica. As we talked about earlier, the Nazis solely took one ship to Antarctica to search out new whaling websites.

Lastly, the atomic bomb used to destroy the so-called UFO base was truly detonated 2,400 kilometers off Antarctica.

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