1 cancer, 5 diabetes drugs reimbursed


The brand new rules concerning the drugs on the reimbursement record had been evaluated on the agenda of the Ministry of Household, Labor and Social Providers.

Saying that new rules have been revealed on the web site of the Social Safety Establishment (SGK), Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk gave excellent news about most cancers and diabetes medication.

Minister Selçuk acknowledged that they’ve put 65 extra drugs on the reimbursement record, together with 1 most cancers, 8 respiratory illnesses and 5 diabetes drugs, and acknowledged that 63 of those drugs are home manufacturing.


Minister Selcuk, “With this addition in our Social Safety Establishment, the overall variety of drugs paid for has reached 8,862.” stated.

Stating that residents can acquire medicines from pharmacies contracted with the Social Safety Establishment, Minister Selçuk stated, “I hope that the drugs will heal our sufferers, and I want our residents a wholesome life” stated.


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